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  • It was lovely to see you too, and I'm sorry for not being able to see you at night! Next time for sure! :) x
    I got my PPL about a year and a half ago, and am about a week from IMC. Also should have my Commercial in about a month. Hoping to add float, taildragger, and glider tow sometime in the next few months.
    Nice to finally see another fellow aviator on here! What licenses and ratings do you have?
    Am great thanks. Still Jetlagged from my hols... but I am sure I will be fine. :) Good Old England! God Save the Queen :)
    Hey Hey long time no speak! How are you doing buddy? :)
    It's raining lots and lots now, it's awful. :( And there's a train strike next week so I won't even be able to get anywhere in this stupid weather!
    Cardiff if you like shops. Brecon Beacons if you like countryside and stuff. :)

    And it's been on and off today. All weird because of daylight savings time too. D:
    Rain is actually my favourite weather. Weird right? :L
    It's just pretty, and peaceful, and lovely when you're inside with a cuppa tea or outside having a laugh and a kiss and stuff. :)
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