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    I want a crib

    Thanks! By no wood you mean where the mattress goes or can the whole thing not be made of wood?
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    I want a crib

    I don't care about hiding it from my parents, they already know I'm an AB. To hide it from other people when I'm not using it maybe I could drape a sheet over it? I don't care to do more than that. I'm almost 30 now and am tired of being ashamed about this. I just can't afford (nor do I have...
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    I want a crib

    Sup everybaby, I'm finally in a sort of stable living situation w/ parents, and what baby doesn't have a crib?? :P I am a pretty small 5' 5 1/2" to 5' 6", 155 lb (trying to lose even more weight) man, could I possibly squeeze into a baby crib (if the bottom was reinforced somehow)? I have very...
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    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    Medium SuperDry Kids, a little wet, wondering if I should mess :)
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    You like being a caretaker? How interesting, I like to be taken care of! Yes, very interesting...

    You like being a caretaker? How interesting, I like to be taken care of! Yes, very interesting, that. :)
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    What body type is the closest to a baby?

    I was thinking if you wanted to be the size of a baby (& helpless, too!), just have your arms and legs cut off. Your torso will now probably fit into baby strollers and anything else babies use :)
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    Baby picture ideas

    Perhaps some sort of highchair shot with food smeared all over your face :) I guess you'd need a highchair though.
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    A Mommy for an ABy/DL?

    Jesus, how did you find one in the first place? Finding a mommy is my friggin' dream.
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    HMmm Lookie what i found

    It was kind of funny :)
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    hi I'm rawrdiaper

    hey I just registered, I'd just like to say hi :)