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    Hiking and Diapers

    Here's an opinion from someone who hikes regularly, for their job..... I don't recommend you hike with diapers, the chaffing alone will make you regret it. The other bummer would be if you spring a leak, nowhere to change while on the trail. It sounds fun, and would be an adventure, don't get...
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    ---those of you that say "I'm vegetarian but I eat meat when..." you are NOT vegetarians! For a REAL vegetarian there IS NO COMPROMISE. Stat! :banghead:--- (Totally your words from a few posts ago CaptainVimes). Sorry, but this could easily be interpreted as someone pointing a finger saying...
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    Your current car, and your dream car

    I'm not planning on upgrading the turbo, it's more money than I want to spend. I know that I can actually put the Evo twin scroll turbo on it and head to match, but that stuff is expensive. All in all I was able to get just as much speed and power by flashing the computer and installing a new...
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    I totally do the vegetarian thing. However, I do make an exception to the rule. I do not force my vegetarian lifestyle or choices on to other people. If I am invited to a dinner at someone's house and they choose to serve meat, I will eat it. I refuse to be rude to someone who chooses to...
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    Your current car, and your dream car

    Currently have a 2010 Mitsubishi Ralliart Sportback (currently running a GST flash and boost pill). The car is scary fast now but awesome! My dream car would be either a 1965 Corvette convertible with a 427 or a Ferrari F430.
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    Just get it off your chest! (Anything)

    I'm sick of stupid questions day in and day out. I'm tired of being pulled in 5 different career directions (Archaeology, I.T., Budget, Interpretation/Education, and Administration) at work at two different parks I'm tired of not being able to have intelligent conversations about world issues...
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    Any other gearheads around here

    I love cars! I've had a huge list of them too that I've loved and played with over the years. List of them from first to most recent 1986 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am 1996 Z28 Camaro 1982 Chevrolet Corvette 2005 Subaru WRX 2004 Subaru WRX Hatchback 2002 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am 2006 Subaru WRX...
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    I could use some support

    KidAgain13, first thing that I have to say is I'm sorry that this is something that you are currently having to deal with. I lost two of my best friends and a cousin to suicide, it's never easy. One of my friends and my cousin threatened suicide multiple times before actually going through...
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    Anyone else still battling depression?

    You really have no idea how much I agree with that statement. I never really struggled with depression until I was in my early twenties. The interesting thing about it is that when I am depressed it is the only time that I can really write music, or even play at my best. I began to...
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    your most painful moment??

    The worst I ever felt was in a snowboarding accident. I landing really awkward and kind of on my side. I dislocated my shoulder (my arm was behind my head), and I broke my collar bone at the same time. Yeah, it wasn't fun. It was the only time that ski patrol had to get me off the mountain...
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    Bed sheets and blankets

    I cheat, and use microfiber blankets for sheets! I hate satin and cotton sheets in the winter. It's always so blasted miserable when you hop into bed only to freeze to death because cotton and satin are so cold at first before your body heat warms them up. The microfiber "sheets" totally...
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    whats your fav guitar

    Out of the tons that I own, my favorite is my Fender TC-90 Telecaster in red. There's just something about a semi-hollow Telecaster with p-90 pickups that is sooooo addicting.
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    Dream Diaper Job

    I think that there are waaaaayyyy too many companies out there that desperately need someone with this job. With some of the cheaper brands of diapers I really wonder if anyone in R&D or marketing has even tried the diapers out. Some of those diapers really aren't that great.
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    What video games you want see comeback and why.

    Final Fantasy VI, this has been in need of a revival for a long long time. Maybe we'll get lucky and Square Enix will do something for the 20th anniversary of the game. I would also like to see the Suikoden series actually continue where it left off. Suikoden V was 6 years ago, I would love...
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    90s Music Rocks

    A couple of my personal observations (from someone who was a radio DJ for 3 years): There is great music in every decade, and many bands span multiple decades, and pump out hit records and singles during their careers, e.g. Red Hot Chili Peppers, Elton John, Incubus, Aerosmith, Rolling Stones...