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    New bigger sized goodnites coming Mar. 2021

    Oh crap 😳 i ordered both thinking they were discreet.. the lady from Kimberly Clark said the box didnt say what it was 🤦‍♂️
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    New bigger sized goodnites coming Mar. 2021

    I will try to do a comparison on them vs the early 2000 XL which i have some 🙂...i should be getting the samples here soon
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    where r u all from

    West Central florida
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    where r u all from

    I'm from florida 🙂
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    Mlp Training pants new designs

    Very cute but they did away with the easy open sides i see just like the new nite pants that sucks 🙁
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    Mlp Training pants new designs

    The new walgreens pants are horrible i got a new pack of the boys night pants and they are just like comfees drinites and the training pants they are like Japanese training pants they have hardly any stretch so basically they went from having soso sides to just being ridiculous
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    First time crossdressing with a diaper

    Thats awesome to hear �� one thing you can do to obtain new clothes is go to walmart and go through the clearance section in the womens department i find all kinds of good stuff and for cheap if you are afraid of buying in public just make up a plan if anyone questions it i just use the im...
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    I am trying to do the same i love goodnites i wear all different brands of them they fit but i could use to lose some pounds im 5' 11" 240
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    stores in central florida?

    Unfourtantly there arnt any that i know of i live in the tampa / brandon area... i get my supplies from diaper depot out of stone mountain, GA
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    How to convert cloth backed pull-ups/Goodnites to tab diapers (A simple DIY)

    Yep i got them a while back i actually need to order another set... ive tried tons of diaper mods alot of failures, a good bit of success though mostly with goodnites or pullups trainers im working with tab size 6 dips now
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    How to convert cloth backed pull-ups/Goodnites to tab diapers (A simple DIY)

    Wonderful thank you for this info i will be trying it with the goodnites and also im glad to see you using the same snap set i have it really is the best for the price
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    Cross dressing and AB/DL/IC connections

    I'm a CD and a DL there is a lot more than you think
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    Hey, I'm Dan. A Diaper Guy from South Florida

    Welcome Dan good to see more folks form Florida howdy neighbor
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    New Kidgets Nightime training pants xl pictures attached

    They only sell them at family dollar....the DG nite pants L/XL are horrible if you have more than a 32 waist unfortunately
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    Hello from Tampa Florida

    Welcome neighbor I'm from Tampa as well good to see someone from my neck of the woods