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  • Hey!

    Thanks for the message about my story :smile1:
    I appreciate the feedback and am glad you're liking it so far :smile:

    I will be posting more soon but am currently doing exams so may be a little bit of a wait yet.

    We ended up changing the date to next May 18th :) I'm so excited! There will actually be some little themes sprinkled in :D like my dress is very girly and short :D
    Bedankt! Gelukkig nieuwjaar nog!

    Yeah, sure had a good time. Went to London for a day with my girl. :)

    You? ;)
    haha well, I bruised near every inch of my body... no joke. My lower ribs on the right side got bruised pretty badly. I almost thought they were broken! My butt has a huge bruise and so do both of my knees. My left elbow is bruised but not because of snowboarding. That was because a dog barked at me and in reaction I smacked my elbow on a wooden chair.

    That sound really cool, right now I'm at my aunt and uncle's house. They just had a Christmas Eve baby, his name is Eli. So that and the 4 year old Caleb keep them busy. Daddy is going to pick me up tomorrow and we'll have some fun. I'm in need of some baby time. He babied me pretty good the night we got home after snowboarding. I fell asleep really hard, he called my phone three times and I didn't budge at all! He had to wake me up when he got home to put Asprin in my mouth.
    I'm doing great. Hope you had a wonderful holiday as well!!! Did you get everything you wanted? I didn't get much, but I'd rather give anyways :p I get to go snowboarding for the first time ever tomorrow!! So I'm pretty excited for that :) cheers!
    You can always hope - it won't hurt anybody. Stay positive, always. ;)

    Indeed, everyone has different needs. And I really like how we can give that to each other. It affects us differently too - depending on who's fulfilling which role.

    Yeah, we both thought starting to use diapers for their intended purpose would be easier. I do hope it'll get easier. What do you mean with 'practice' though? I can't really wear outside the times we have a so-called play-date, so I'm pretty much stuck to that. Hope I'll get it soon enough though.
    What were those make-shift diapers like, though? I wonder. :D

    I didn't really 'turn' her into an AB/DL. She suspects she's always been one at heart. I just showed it to her, kind-of. Which she's really happy about, too. ;)
    Things are going great! Thanks. How's it going over there?

    My girlfriend's loving her 'little time' just as much as I do. We're quite different in what we want, which is really cool and interesting. When it's my turn to be little we don't do much besides cuddling, but when she's the little one she wants to have her hair brushed and likes to watch Disney movies. Very nice indeed. Both enjoying our diapers but having a hard time with starting to use them. Just recently she allowed me to go to the bathroom but keeping the diaper on to 'practice'. She convinced me I could do it without the next time. I hope she's right. It totally adds something. She even wants it too, she was really disappointed when she couldn't do it the last time. Hopefully next time she'll get it!
    Indeed. Lucky, lucky me indeed. I'm very, very thankful to have somebody as sweet as her in my life and as my girlfriend.
    I know this may sound a bit useless - but would you please be so kind to paraphrase this three-part message and post it in one of her topics? She might want to read this to and so may others (also so they can respond to it).
    It'll then be easier to respond too, out in the open so that everybody knows what we're getting at so they can all try to help.

    Although you can leave the part about not putting ordering diapers off for too long - I want to tell her that personally.
    About the appreciation - I've told her, and will tell her again.

    Thank you very much!
    Well here's one for you... my girlfriend actually joined the forum and I'm as of now associated with her and the topics she created on this forum - which is a bit scary.
    Oh I see. Neither have I.
    I don't even feel like I have a reason to be active on here anyway. =D
    Well Daddy took me to a titty bar the same day... that wasn't fun at all! He felt awful afterwards and realized it was a huge lack of respect after that.

    I don't think I'm a huge party animal? So I guess you could say this is catch up time? This is the first boyfriend I've had who is into that kinda stuff and we really only do it on the weekends. For the most part anyways.
    As for babysitting, yeah it should be okay. I mean I essentially get to live with my boyfriend this way. It does make me homesick some... No I don't work at Sears anymore. Couldn't stand my boss... plus I never got weekends off... I would only get weekdays off and my boyfriends works during the week... I want to have a job where I can hang out with him when he can hang out. Right now this works, but when I go to school in January it wont. So we'll see what happens?
    Yeah I've been okay.
    Hmm, since I've been 21, Daddy and I have been partying some. We went to the bar on Friday and met a cool guy who took us out on his pontoon yesterday. Then we had a party at Daddy's house.
    Hmm, right now I'm babysitting for a job. School will come next spring.
    Hey there,

    I've been alright. That side is like coming into my mind on and off, sometimes I'm not thinking of/about it at all, sometimes it returns and makes me think of it a little bit and also sometimes it just haunts me. It's really quite annoying. Still have yet to make the discoveries though - it hasn't gone overboard enough yet to make me do something significant.

    How about yourself?

    Thanks for the message.
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