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  • i've been good, i could add you on like skype or telegram. just message me your name.
    hiya, we recently friended each other on Twitter (my name there is FopsyCassie), but I didn't know you were on here as well. that's pretty sweet.
    I meant the "View Conversation" button, sorry.
    You're supposed to use the reply button, silly. :p

    And I figured you were making a -bad- pun, but wasn't to sure. x)
    I knew quaver is a type of musical note - hence my attempt at a bad pun. I didn't realise you could eat them too.
    Did you know that quavers are a British snack? And that the verb quaver is also an (in the US and Canada) or a quaver (other English-speaking countries) is a musical note played for one eighth the duration of whole note (US and Canada. Semibreve, or half a breve, other English-speaking countries), hence the name?

    The more you know *cheesy shooting star* :p
    *Leaves musical notes all over your wall*

    Cheap? What type? Are they any good?

    I'm a bit of a connoisseur when it comes to nappies, so I normally go without if I cannot get the good ones. :)
    Honestly, I haven't worn for about a week. I think I am going through a binge and purge phase.

    That, and the price for quality nappies are absurd. Although Molicare Super Plus are selling for $20 a pack on Trademe.

    Quick, or I'll beat you to it :tongueout:
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