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  • what sort of gumdo.. not that kendo look-alike sort im hoping,

    im also looking into self learning chinese sword, both dao and jian
    I'm new to asdic. I have only recently shared this with my wife and so seeing your post led me to wonder what you might have learned about the impact this has on your relationship.

    To say a bit more about my situation, I have had these interests for most of my life but only rarely indulged while away on work related trips. This past spring I shared my fantasies with a therapist and she encouraged me to try it out to see how it felt and see whether it caused the desires to evaporate or change in any way. That gave me a bit of a push to share this with my wife. Things have been awkward, with her not knowing what I really want out of this and me not fully trusting that she is ok with this or that she isn't turned off by this. So I read your message and I started to wonder what I would do if she came to place where she realized that she isn't o.k. with it.

    Anyway, if you have anything to share, feel free and if you can't, I understand.

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