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  • Heyyy! *glomps* Such a long time since I last saw you around! How's life been going for you?
    Hey man, just want to say that you're not alone with your Crohn's. I was diagnosed this past April with it, and it sure sucks sometimes. Anyways, if you ever need to vent or whatever, I'm the perfect candidate to consider haha.
    I don't like hot days so not so much the summer part, but yay for breaks. Great going as well that the exams have gone well also.
    Hi. Cool seeing your around here a little more. Sorry for slow email reply for me but I've had quite a bit going on last few weeks as well.
    good plan!

    I can come to your place basicly every evening. or better, we could go somewhere, have a drink or something?
    hey mister Aeternus! where ARE you!? (not on msn that's for sure lol), been so long again since I heard from you :( how's school?
    Joyeux Noël et bonne année! I'm fine, my desktop computer is broken tho' :'( seems like the processor died, so that's 200 euro's :(:( oh well, I'll fix it somewhere next week. see ya later :)
    thanks! my cold is allready mostly over :) thanks to tablets you gave me :). the plushies were also very helpfull to keep me warm at night :D. thanks again for comming, and for the plushies!
    *poke* how's student life treating you? :D big parties and hot classmates? ..... or just a lot of material to absorb and stress for exams? :(
    Gij zegt dat ‘t vlaams te niet zal gaan:
    ‘t zal niet!
    dat ‘t waals gezwets zal boven staan:
    ‘t zal niet!
    Dat hopen, dat begeren wij:
    dat zeggen en dat zweren wij:
    zo lang als wij ons verdedigen, wij:
    ‘t zal niet, ‘t zal niet,
    ‘t zal niet!
    Yes, we "should" be used to warm weather, but I'm definitely not the typical Italian guy on that side (and on many others too). In fact, I love cold, winter, cloudy weather, and the direct sunlight in the summer makes me want to explode like if I was a vampire! :tongueout: A couple of times, in the past summers, I took trips on my own visiting the windy and rainy coasts of the North Sea in Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and France, escaping the heat of the Italian August, and oh boy how much I loved it!

    I thought sometimes to go back to uni myself, but ended up doing nothing... maybe lack of motivation, or the fact that my current job is probably the only one I could be truly passionate about. ;)
    It was... terribly hot! Unbearably, sometimes. But overall a nice experience, I sailed through some bays and did a bit of Atlantic Ocean, visiting some of the cities on the route, and I must admit it's not that common to get to NY by boat and spend a week moored just aside of Manhattan! Then, for properly visiting the USA, a "terrestrial" vehicle like an RV would be nice too ;)

    Good luck for your college career, which field are you planning to specialize into?
    Hey! I've been a bit absent from here due to a trip to the USA I did in the last months, visiting the coast from Virginia to New York on a sailing boat with a friend of mine ;) How's your jewelry company going in the meantime?

    Hugs :hug:
    XD Pas de trouvaille du siècle pour aujourd'hui malheureusement.... Mais tout vient à point à qui sait attendre, alors j'attends patiemment ^_^
    Bah merci! ^__^ Je savais pas trop quoi demander pour ma fête, en fait j'ai rien demandé de particulier LOL. Mais j'ai eu de l'argent, ça me donne le temps de réfléchir à ce que je pourrait acheter. ^_^
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