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  • Lol just asking the whole Night Group in general
    already asked Tracer no go there lol
    damn kinda bored with my xbox live already finished
    why do they take aways day u dont used >.<
    Hey Pseudoynm
    Noodle here(Noodle2d on live)
    Was wondering if u had a 2 day trail card for live
    Nah dude, haven't worked on that in forever. Have been working on something... similar, but school is very hectic and stuff. At some point, more writing, but it won't be that. Thanks for the interest though. If you wanna know what was going to happen, I can tell you / send you what was already written in chapter 5 dude
    That's lame. I tried to give you rep and it didn't go through. Well, just an fyi, you've got my rep bro.
    Uh, no. I can show you clear examples of where I said something and backed it up. You have made baseless "predictions" that are unlikely to the point of them being useless.
    I've clearly shown when I was saying opinion and when it was fact. I've also shown WHY I believe such way. You're just grasping at straws without justification.
    Actually, Gaasha was the one to bring up that his picture was ironic considering he was complaining about Deeker.

    Seriously, you're getting immensely irritating. Check your facts before you you start making statements.
    Then I'd present my case as it having religious implications, and later having been adopted by alchemists. Alchemy isn't satanic, though.
    Um... no. That is like me complaining we should blow up the sun because it is satanic. It has NO grounds and makes absolutely no sense.
    Well considering it is both a religious symbol for Gnosticism as well as a scientific symbol, I think I'm pretty safe.
    A vote would show if it was acceptable to post that pic in this specific community. If the majority of the community thinks the pic is in bad taste, then it would be in distaste. Just as it is wrong in the general public to be open about *Bness.
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