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    Little Ophelia : Allons-y !

    Hi and welcome! :) I'm not always the most active here, but it is super cool to see someone else with some similar interests! I am super into writing, too. What kind of stuff do you like to write?? I've also been a musician for pretty much my whole life, though I'm primarily into indie, folk...
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    AB/DLs in College/University

    I feel like I never see any threads on here about members of the AB/DL community currently in college. Are any of you still in college/university? If so, what are you studying, why? Did you just recently graduate, and if so, how was it and what do you plan to do now? :graduate: I personally...
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    Solid Gold Thrift Store Score!!!!!

    Woah, I'm currently staying with a friend in Mechanicsburg for a few weeks, how crazy is that?! I will definitely have to see if I can stop in at some of the local thrift stores while I'm here. That's so crazy.
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    New Goodnites design for Girls 2016

    Picked up the S/M at my local Walmart today. Made my whole week, they're so cute!
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    How many times

    I'd have to say only once, mayyybe twice on occasion. More than that seems crazy, but apparently i'm in the minority here :p
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    Books You're Currently Reading?

    I'm currently rereading The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath. It's one of my favorites; very powerful and hits close to home.
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    Hello from Minneapolis

    Try your best not to be nervous! Just the fact that you built up the confidence to post here is a step in the right direction. I'm sure you'll meet plenty of great people here, this is a great community and we're happy to have you be a part of it! :)
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    Hewwo :3

    I'm from PA, too! Well like i don't live there anymore, but it's still kinda cool XP we have a lot in common. Coloring is totally my jam, and i love sofia and disney in general. I also read whenever i get enough free time. :)
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    Caught in public

    I recently bought a onesie for exactly this reason. I've only recently started feeling comfortable wearing with jeans (and i still rarely do) but a onesie ensures your shirt will never ride up and you won't have to experience that again. As far as personal embarrassing stories, i've never had...
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    Raves while diapered

    I can't say with certainty how it is for raves, but i know that with a lot of the clubs i go to, nobody has ever questioned it. Maybe security is tighter at raves, but i've never had more than a quick pat down done before i went out clubbing. And i wouldn't worry too much about needing to...
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    Do you wear diapers in public?

    Not nearly as much now as I used to.. It is definitely fun when i have a free day, but it's not always practical for me. I tend to be moving around quite a bit in my work and studies, so oftentimes it would get in the way too much. Other than that, though, i have had very few weekends out lately...
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    Honestly, don't be scared to be you!

    That is so awesome that you got such positive reactions! :) i feel that your message is great and people should feel comfortable with themselves. I just know it can be harder for some people. Like, if i ever felt the need to "come out" about being little, i feel like it would not be much of a...
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    Diapers under pants for girls

    I totally get not wanting to have to wear sweats all the time, but it is probably you're best solution. I don't wear with jeans often, but when i do, i'll wear a tighter pair of undies over top. It helps with the noise and they help reduce some of the bulk. I tend to notice (at least for me)...
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    Advice please?? (Girls, I know you'll be able to help me out!)

    Maybe i'm a little bit late to reply, but in case you decided not to go through with it this time, I have to say i agree with DiscreetlyPampered. Once you wear diapers in place of pads, you won't want to go back. Sweats over top in the winter, dresses in the summer and you should be good! Makes...
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    Hi there! It's funny seeing this post because it reminded me how I used to ask myself the same things. The conclusion I reached was just that I am me, and the titles don't mean all too much. Sure, they make it easier to identify a person, but there's more to it than just that for everyone on...