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    Stress And Stress Management

    I appreciate all of your responses and will take them into account as I further manage my stress. Video games, diapers, music, and my faith are the main things that help me. I will be more than likely talking to a therapist again. It's probably about time anyway, I've been dealing with too much...
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    Stress And Stress Management

    What am I supposed to do when I get extremely stressed like I have been? I've been dealing with quite a lot lately and I'm unsure how to handle it and it's been a constant issue this past month. I don't know if I need to start seeing a therapist again or what but the stress and anxiety have been...
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    Diapers for newborns

    I appreciate the input everyone, this will definitely help my wife and I decide what works best for us.
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    Diapers for newborns

    Thank you for the suggestion, I will keep Pampers in mind. I've heard pretty good things about them, so I might go with them; barring anything swaying my decision.
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    Diapers for newborns

    I wasn't sure if this belonged here or in "Off Topic" but I have a question for those that have been parents or are parents currently, what is the best brand to use for a newborn? Seeing as I will be very green when it comes to baby diapers, I want to know what would be the best for them.
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    Two things, announcement and hey haven't been on in awhile

    It's been... I don't know, a few months since I've been on here? I haven't really had any reason not to be, I just haven't been on. Mentally speaking I've been feeling a lot better, the only drawback has been severe anxiety. Which I would say is still an improvement from the past that I've dealt...
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    I am in mourning

    Today it hit. It was unexpected... But I wasn't sure if I'd ever be okay with it anyway. About a year or two ago a mentor, someone I looked up to, ended their life. I thought that maybe I'd grieved enough, but now I'm not so sure. It all seems so surreal. When it happened I wanted to believe...
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    A broken shattered mind, a gashed hand, and a disposition for self harm

    My mind is not exactly what I thought it was. It's possible, according to my therapist, that I may have a complete split personality AND borderline personality disorder. I've been having memory lapses and people telling me I haven't been acting normally (heh normal). The comment I made on a post...
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    Halp Misery by Blink-182. This song desribes how I feel internally down to a t. I hope today is just an off day.
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    Married, Spouse's mother died, and a whirlwind of emotion

    So much has happened even I got lost in processing it all. Ashley (Catdragon) is now my wife and I can't even comprehend that. I can't explain anything that has happened because I don't know how else to say it. The man of many words only has few at this moment. I really don't know what to say...
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    Past post situation properly resolved, Vasovagal syncope, and gerds (acid reflux)

    The situation with a boss that wasn't my boss overstepping was resolved. It turns out he was 'joking' despite being as serious as possible and he felt really bad about the whole thing. I now know I have: -Vasovagal syncope -Acid Reflux -A good place at work and everyone here actually likes me...
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    How should I react to someone personally insulting me because of a band I like? I'm not talking a stranger, but close friends or family. I'm trying to Q-TIP (Quit taking it personally) but it is a challenge for me. It's even harder when it's people you love. Edit: Here are some of my favorite...
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    I have some sissy tendencies still... but less as time goes on

    I do really like the idea, the submission, and everything about it. I however did some art modeling for a friend and it has really been a confidence booster to trust someone to see parts of me for art purposes. As time goes on I feel less and less effeminate. I still love the same things, just...
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    7 steps forward 3 steps back

    (A little play on the original saying but more relevant to me personally) I really am doing a horrible job at keeping my emotions in check at least today. I can't get past an employee who has no power over me forcing me to clock in when I've been using time sheets for months. I got so angry I...
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    Hunger, I've always had an issue but not how you

    I never know what to eat in the morning so that my stomach doesn't feel bad the rest of the day or for a few hours. I try my best to eat breakfast, it is really one of the most important meals of the day. It starts the metabolism breaks the 'fast' of sleep hence, breakfast. Some days I do well...