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    Hi! Would you be my friend? :)

    Looks like she's gone :( No posts or activity since the day she joined, 17th of March. Too bad. Can't imagine what happened there..
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    Sleepers and body suits

    Nice find! Definetly bookmarking this site. It's always a little extra special having authentic/non-abdl stuff like this.
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    DL from UK - love to chat

    His profile and activity is VERY suspicious. Be careful, everyone.
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    Hello from England

    Hey now, Mr. Bear! Catchy name, rolls off the tongue. Always great to have another brit join the forum! Hope you enjoy it here.
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    What diaper brands can I get in the UK

    Can't forget! I haven't ordered from them in a long time so maybe they've improved. They were the first ABDL retailers I ever bought from. And don't mind the jerky comments from the people saying to use Google. You probably made this thread because you wanted actual advice from...
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    CANDY <3

    I'm 28 and for some reason I still have the same sweet tooth that I had since I was little. My family are always on my ass asking me why I still love candy so much, and I got no answer for them. Not that I would tell them if I did have an answer. I love candy. Pure and simple :D
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    Medical vs ABDL Diapers

    Hurts me to say it but I think I mostly have those kinds of feelings for things that aren't human, like animals and even insects. I've encountered insects on my travels that were doing poorly and I've done all I can to help them. Even shed tears for things like spiders, which I have a phobia of...
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    Medical vs ABDL Diapers

    For some reason, I prefer plain white medical diapers as opposed to proper ABDL diapers with designs. They just seem more genuinely babyish to me. Now this is a really weird quirk with me, but when I have a diaper with designs on them such as furry characters or animals, I always feel bad when...
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    What do you do for a living?

    I work at a stables looking after peoples horses. It doesn't pay much but I don't care, horses are my passion and to have a job where I'm always around them is awesome! I make up for the small wage by doing various jobs for my father and brother, which is mainly doing up houses that they buy...
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    Did some clothes in the washing machine then I went out for a run. When I got back, I completely forgot about it. The next morning, I walked past the washing machine and I saw that the lights were on... and then I remembered. I left them soaking wet overnight! I took them out and they had a...
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    Covid jab, here I come!

    I'm 28 with asthma and I'm surprised I haven't heard from anyone about finally getting my first jab. I honestly can't wait. Having everything go back to the way it was... bring it on.
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    Adult baby TV

    I'm not sure what it is, but it looks like fap material.
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    What was your first time buying diapers?

    Oh man, I'll never forget my first time... I don't know what finally pushed me to buy some, if it was something I saw online or if someone told me, but one day it just clicked for me that I wanted to buy some. Even though I was a lil' skinny sons a bitch, I wasn't confident buying baby diapers...
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    A question to straight male ABDLs

    Since I've never managed to have a relationship with someone, I've accepted the fact i'll never find someone who will accept me for who I am, nevermind finding someone who would accept my ABDLism.
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    NappiesRUs deliveries?

    I'd say there was a 30% chance he knows but I'm not sure. It still took me be surprise when he said that though lol