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    baby-pants dish

    Perhaps, maybe i'm missing something but for the last 8 months their mailbox has been full (and outside emails get returned)? the phone number given on paypal is nonsense? writing thru ebay didn't work either. they were my faves too until recently... i'm not even asking for refunds. i just want...
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    baby-pants dish

    kind of you to pass that along and it is good to know... unfortunately i am a total um spazz and could easily see where just trying to fix some panties with the iron because thrift would eventually result in me burning the house down... so you've helped me realize that these go in the trash and...
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    Shaving downstairs.

    oooh that sounds lush. can you recommend a fave brand of cream?
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    baby-pants dish

    i'm glad you've had better luck and believe me i get 'it' about the panties needing a hand wash... am thinking the holes might have even been there all along, i just didn't bother to look for them. but i think Asian made goods could be perfectly fine if (a) you are prepared to pay for it and (b)...
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    baby-pants dish

    that's great info about CTD, thanks for that. although your experience is obviously a very crappy one, i am intrigued when you say you sewed them closed... this was with a machine obviously? it appeared to me they were originally glued together and that failed all at once, it seems there would...
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    baby-pants dish

    oooh thanks for that obs, pretty much matches mine except i didn't even get a response. on the positive side, your own sewing projects sound much more interesting, best luck with that... i guess your baby-pants shirt is too misfitting to use as a pattern? i am a horrible klutz and have nearly...
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    Shaving downstairs.

    Amen to all these responses... i actually am enjoying the new, new super millennial product Manscaped... seems to work pretty well. a cheaper workaround of course is to shave, i would advise doing it right after a bath very carefully and slowly, with repeated light applications of shaving cream...
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    baby-pants dish

    i hope this is a suitable place to post this... it's not a 'diaper' issue, but related am sure most of you have seen over the years merchandise, i know i have really enjoyed their stuff because it's... pretty babyish and yet higrade, i can actually wash the onesie normally and it...
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    How did you guys become babyfurs or diaperfurs?

    a fur since 1st grade, i joined the movement early on and have had much luck with it. after injury i had to pad up--and realized i was surrounded by diaperfurs, friendly and fun. Life is really not that bad once you get used to the smell of piss
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    I cant feel the urge to pee...

    as Tammy Faye used to sing, " WE'RE BLESSED WE'RE BLESSED WE'RE BLESSED...." etc.
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    Incontinence Advice

    not for everyone (or females obv.) but i often use a weenie (penile) clamp for the brief period suggested between diaper changes. this lets my zones/skin dry out a bit too, often save a diaper per day. when feasible i throw in belted undergarments too which are great for swishing around home in...
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    Benefits of nappies

    after surgical evisceration and ostomies i clung to my diaper and plastic pants and onesie for sanity/dear life. Over time i learned what does/does not work for me... and don't laff i have learned to love my life in diapers, not just for their utility necessity but for their elegance... i rock...
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    Best diaper for IBS-D?

    oh lordy yes do i know this one. absolutely yes about what Tundra sez--also Rennecfox is so right on about the waistband attends--reasonably priced yet they are so soft n comfy n spacious in the behind, and the waistband will surely help hold SOME poop for awhile , but woe unto you should the...
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    YOUR Stash!

    i haz: just opened case of BetterDry medium (current go to pad) 2 bags of Northshore MegaMax small (great for sleeping with #2 incontinence) just opened case of Tranquility ATNs medium (don't seem to last ATN anymore 👿) case of attends waistband medium (worn for discipline purposes only) 2 bags...