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    Rearz Seduction/Safari/Incontrol

    There are 2 basic groups of Rearz diapers. The Safari is the base model for the Safari (obviously), Seduction, Princess Pink and Inspire+ InControl. The Spoiled is the base for the Spoiled (obviously) and the Inspire (not the + model though).
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    Hypothetical: If there were a free pill that guaranteed to kill your love for diapers with no other side effects, would you take it?

    Short answer: Maybe. Longish answer: I'd either prefer to need to wear them 24/7 or not wear them at all. This way, I can either get them out of my life and forget about them, or accept them wholeheartedly, and they'd become a necessary part of my life. I don't like the inconsistency right now...
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    Who has tried the Rearz Seduction?

    One thing I just thought of... If you like watching the wetness spread around the diaper through the plastic, that is not possible with the black plastic on the Seduction. I just thought about that now hahaha
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    Wear, wet or mess?

    All 3! I like warm, wet diapers, and sometimes its nice to sit in a messy one for a while too, until it gets too smelly.
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    Who has tried the Rearz Seduction?

    Well I've been wearing them as underwear (trying 24/7), so it works out perfectly for me :P
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    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    Incredibly wet Rearz Seduction... Almost time for a change!
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    Who has tried the Rearz Seduction?

    Not as common as white, but I know I have a couple pairs of black underwear....
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    Who has tried the Rearz Seduction?

    Not sure about Fabine... In fact, it is the same as the Safari/Princess Pink with just a different colour plastic lining. It was weird at first, but it's easy to pass off as underwear (at least when its dry) :P
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    Who has tried the Rearz Seduction?

    Yup! In one right now! Easy to pass off as underwear due to the colour, but maybe not so easy to hide under clothes....
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    I'm looking to buy my first pack of diapers soon... What types are available in stores in Canada? (I can't order online, no credit card) Any feedback would be appreciated!
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    Hello :) New here..., from Somewhere in the World... but seriously, i'm nervous about posting anything too specific until i get to know this area more. I will say that I'm new to diapers, but would love to know more. On that note, anyone know what a good type of diaper is? I'm looking to get...