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  • So you were a pretty big hit last year dressed in diapers at your Halloween party. Are you planning on doing it again?
    Hey I saw that your from Illinois, I am as well. Anyway it's nice to meet locals that are into this scene. I'm always looking for friends just to chat with, it doesn't have to be a meet up or anything. Anyway nice to meet you, I'm Andy. Have a good day.
    Good to see that you are still coming around. Have you had anymore diaper fun with your girlfriend since the party?
    So over all how did things go with your big night? How do you feel now about the wearing of diapers? Does or is your girlfriend going to keep you wearing them?
    Welcome to the site. I hope you are having fun with experimenting with diapers for Halloween. If you get time post your feelings about it looking from the point of view of a non-fetish person.
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