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    What do you think triggered your fetish?

    Being born is a big one for me...
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    Best Friends Make the Best Big Brothers

    Glad to see you're still alive! As allways the story is great, keep it coming!
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    OMG, locked myself out of the house wearing a diaper

    That sounds horrible. I always panick when this sort of stuff happens to me, even when i'm not diapered. Sounds like you handled it a lot better then I would have.
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    Took a quiz and it said...

    Why is there all this random html?
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    ADISC Steam Group (estimating interest)

    I would most likely be up for it. But like most others the group would have to be as private as can be for me to join.
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    What country do you come from ?

    Half canadian, 25% german, 25% belgian, born in holland.
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    Are there any misconceptions about you?

    People often mistake me to be a few years younger then i actually am. Wich can sometimes be fun but is pretty annoying most of the time. A few days ago i tried to to buy a video game and the guy told me i needed permission from an adult. i showed him my ID and he told me he thought i was, and i...
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    Would you give up AB/DL for someone you love?

    Even if I really wanted to, I dont think I could. So I guess she will just have to live with it. Or the relationship would never work.
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    Can't decide what to do with my money...

    At the moment I dont even have enough money to buy a decent set of strings for my bass...
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    Thinnest and most descreet diaper

    Drynites are pretty discreet. If they fit you that is. You can usually buy them in any major supermarket, Or at a drug store. They work allright for me because they still fit me.
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    Colour Regression

    Not quite like that, but I find i go into "little mode" quicker when I wear something blue. Very strange indeed...
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    Grocery Store Embarrassment (Buying Diapers) Story

    Where I live cashiers don't really talk to you. They are all "professional" and stuff.
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    ABU Huggies Pullups??

    I would buy them, and wear them all the time.
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    Mike And Alex Do Diapers

    Wow, that was really good. I'd love to see more.
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    Best Friends Make the Best Big Brothers

    Another wonderfull chapter