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  • Hey sis, (hug), long time,

    I've been off the site for a while as work is heating up for the holidays at our family gift store.

    Anyway, I bought a "Where the Wild Things Are" movie replica wolf suit for Halloween. I love it. It is the softest thing imaginable and I love the attached fingerless gloves.I actually liked the film. Some people couldn't stand Max but I thought he was adorable. Any plans for Halloween yourself?

    Well, my mom stumbled on my stash. That was the most awkward conversation imaginable, but it worked out well enough. She seems fine with it.

    Hope you're having a good fall.

    Oh don't worry, we all get busy. :)

    I'm in a hurry but I'll talk more later. Just one question. Do you have a "summer weight" kigurumi? The one with the short sleeves and shorts, like a romper? Would you recommend one of these or a full size as being more comfy? I'm looking at buying one as I couldn't find one overseas.

    Thanks. See you later. Good luck on the job hunt.
    Stupid character limits ;( The writer in me just keeps typing.

    I'm going to Japan this may. :) Going with a Sister City group to Mitoyo City, outside Kyoto. Should be awesome and I'm looking to buy a Kigurumi there. Save myself the shipping costs.

    Also looking to go to a con this fall, if I can scrape together the funds. I saw a post of yours asking which cons ADISC members would be attending. Which ones are you going to? Any good ideas?
    Hey sis :) (Hug)

    How's your spring going. Weather finally broke up here in the northwoods. Snow finally melted and we finally got some sweater weather days. Loving it.

    As you may have seen on my profile, I got hooked on crossdressing. Hope you don't think I'm weird, or at east, any weirder than I already am. :) It helps me to get into the minds of the female characters in the stories that I write, getting into their "experience", as it were, not to mention a lot of it is just more %$&* comfortable than the men's equivalent. My feminine side is 17-25-ish, and similar to Heather from Silent Hill 3, tomboyish and snarky. (She was my first videogame crush) :)

    I work at our local Chamber of Commerce now, a data-entry/office job drone. The work is dull but the people are something directly out of a quirky sitcom. It may as well be The Office or Parks and Rec in there.

    Anyway, that's my essay for today, LOL. Cheers, sis. Talk to you soon.

    Peace out and God bless.
    I graduated, with an English major, History minor, and was one class short of a second minor in religious studies. I'm working at my parents' gift store now, and haven't been very active here either. Heck, its been almost a year since I've worn, living at home and such, but I still have my sleepers. LOL. Got some "items" coming this weekend, though. Cheers.
    Hey sis! Long time no see. Been living with my parents after college and haven't had a chance to do much ADISC-related out of necessity, but I' happy to be back. Hope everything's going well on your end. Cheers.
    Hey there! I know we've talked before, but somehow we stopped XD In any case, I was just curious how you work out being asexual into being in a relationship. IIRC you had a very loving boyfriend you were with a while back at least and obviously unless he's asexual as well, I'd think you two would bump heads eventually on the whole sexual issue. Just curious how you keep that in check and it's great to see you again! :)
    Random Regular Show quote:

    "Don't look at our crotches while we synchronize our watches!"
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