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  • Thank you for re-uploading your stories to FTT, I was very excited to finally be able to reread My Best Friend's House. Just curious, do you have any intentions of reposting what you had begun of Return to My Best Friend's House? And if so, I would highly encourage you to continue working on it. I know it must seem like a drag to have to sit down and write again, especially on a story that's so old, but I think you had a really good idea going and if you love writing enough than it should come as a pleasure once you get back into it. Starting is always the hardest part :)

    Either way I'd just like to thank you again for reposting those stories and I hope you eventually decide to continue writing.
    hi very sorry, I know its been over month since you wrote to me, I haven't been on recently, but I tried FTT and I can't seem to find your stories there either, I know they recently switched to a new site however I could not locate any of the stories on either the new or the old sites. I'm assuming your name is still Pink on FTT as well.
    Hey Pink, from what I've read your an excellent writer but I seem to be unable to read any of your stories, as in the links won't let me. I not sure if this was intentional in order to keep them private but its a shame because I would love to read them
    You know when your a kid and you feel really attached to your favorite super hero?.
    Like their a real friend even though you know their not?.
    Well thats how i feel about your characters pink your a wonderful writer.
    And (from what i can tell by your posts) your cute and funny and sweet.
    So please don't ever stop being you and a big thank you for sharing!.:)
    Hey. Just wanted to let you know that you're one of the best fiction writers in this community. I've read all your stuff, but I generally never leave comments because I'm lazy and I'm a jerk. Keep doing what you do!
    ='( aww. thats ok though, btw good luck on whatever the greater project is =D
    Are you working on a new story or just taking a break?
    if so i cant wait to read it! but it would be nice if you updated your otehr SIP first =P
    Hello! I read your stories even before you came to ADISC, and I was surprised to see you on here. I loved your stories and I hope they continue! I've been tempted to write some myself of course but I've never found quite the time or muse...
    I really love your stories, although reading is boring and I usually don't finish a story I've spent two days reading through 17 chapters! Keep up the good work :)
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