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  • I have had the "Bad Lip Reading - My Stick" song stuck in my head all day! *My stick is better than bacoooooon 🥓* Just for the record he is singing about a wooden stick not something perverted. The song is a natural ear worm you been warned. lol
    I honestly used to be ashamed and embarrassed growing up with bladder issues but now I am okay with it and I have learned to live with it. I have a great job and I have a great spouse I think life turned out pretty good for me. Just throwing it out there. Don't let the cards life handed you get you down. They only let you down if you let it.
    Sometimes I read the forum and find people giving other people helpful advice. Then there are other times I just look at some of the nasty things people say to each other and shake my head in disgust. I wish people would be more kind to one another and stop taking things personal.
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