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  1. PetPuppyAlex

    Where is everyone from

    Southern New England.
  2. PetPuppyAlex

    Favorite places to go in your diapers???

    I am very into the outdoors and there is a rather secluded hiking trail out in the boonies that’s seriously looks like part of the red dead redemption map. The scenery is breathtaking for this corner of the country and, if I go early enough, I can get an hour or two of a hike in with just a...
  3. PetPuppyAlex

    The littlespace voice

    Yeah, I don't do baby-talk. I just kinda get quiet and my demeanor changes mostly. I nod yes and no instead of saying it, stuff like that. I dunno why, because I'm a suuuuper ABDL and have been very entrenched in this lifestyle for the longest... but baby-talk weirds me out, man. I dunno. It's...
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    Feelings on Wearing 24/7 by Choice?

    I have worn 24/7 for about 18 months. I found it to be taxing on my social performance. I was never caught directly, butt many people close to me had to have either had their suspicions or straight up knew and didn't address it. I was not so good at changing. I admit, I was lazy. I didn't see...
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    One for the sissy boys!

    uhhhhhhh at least 5 days a week I don't even think about it because it all goes right into a diaper and I hardly notice. When I'm airing out or on a "rest day" as I like to call it, I usually pee sitting down. But not bc I'm trying to be a sissy about peeing, I think it's more like its...
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    Do you feel addicted to nappies?

    Yes, I definitely would call it an addiction. Or at least a compulsion. I have gone a year plus 24/7 and it definitely got less...desperate? But whenever I am enduring life stress and haven't worn in a while, it starts with perusing ABDL tumblrs for a week or two, then being active on Reddit...
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    Who is going 247 during and after covid 19

    I am trying my hardest to stay in diapers as close to 24/7 as I can, but it's tough surrounded by family all the time. Not so much being in them, but I've almost been caught a few times just timing my changes badly. I'm sure they already know just from the crinkle and the smell (just pee, I'd...
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    What’s the best part about wearing a diaper for you? What’s the worst part?

    The best way to put the diaper on is to lay down, pull the front of the diaper to about a finger-width below your belly button or so, and then follow the curvature of your body with the tabs. Don't focus too much on taping straight across. Following the curvature of your body will assure the...
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    What’s the best part about wearing a diaper for you? What’s the worst part?

    Best: There's nothing that makes me feel safer than a soggy diaper between my legs. My favorite thing in the world is waking up to the smell and feel of a very wet diaper and the super satisfying swish, crinkle, and the top of the diaper poking out all cute from my PJ pants hehehe. I usually...
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    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    Crinklz Astronaut Gang!!!!
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    What's your occupation? :3

    I'm a professional musician by night, Occupational Therapy Assistant by day, and knee deep in OT grad school in between.
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    I might have found my answer to Why?

    I spent a long time trying to source my love of diapers to some sort of abuse or event gate in my childhood with no clear cut answer. I think Trevor is right. It is a flowchart, a combination of things that work out just right. I was potty trained very early and was likely taken out of diapers...
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    Anyone else think this?

    Tbh there will always be people like "wtf that's weird!!!!!" but, seeing as when I was 12 I thought I was the only one into this stuff, and now we're here ten years later and social media has really opened up the landscape... I would say.. cautious growth. We're seeing a huge uptick in interest...
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    Anyone here make their own music? (or know someone who do that?)

    Been making and performing music for ten years. Everything from indie folk acoustic to rap/hip hop and rnb. I do a little bit of everything.
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    What Should I tell my parents?

    I order cases from Bambino and get them shipped to nearby FedEx shops to tackle the parcel problem. As far as family finding out, I feel like the best way to go about it is to hide in plain sight. But don't be sloppy. I wear often. Almost 24/7, in fact. If my family knows, they haven't brought...