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  • That would be very interesting. ADISC's own Meth vs. Chef competition via Visitor Messages.
    That is what is great about March. Unpredictable but nonetheless amazing pockets of weather. We can get close to 60 tomorrow and am so happy that I can actually see my front lawn now!
    Wait, if the 40 GB thick PS3 is the one that wasn't affected... then that means that I could have been playing NBA Live and not dying of boredom and making collages for my binders! So, how was the snow?
    Heey, I live in RI too. Whassap? I heard you rap, that's really awesome.
    lol that's awesome man. I've yet to get MW2...I'm poor at the moment so I've just been playing a lot of left 4 dead 2 on xbox live lol. but still man it's good to hear from you again. What else have you been up to?
    Sent a PM. I don't have Modern Warfare 2 and that is probably the single handed most common question I get. Even from 11 year olds, which is scary. I mostly play sports games.
    Hey man what's up. Been very busy lately, (of course) that's me. Which school and work, since pretty much all I do. I'll be in school for a little bit longer, hopefully just a little over a year to going until I get my BA degree.
    This is finally the year that we can laugh back at the New Englanders and the Midwest for their yearly rounds of blizzards and lake-effect snow that we never get! Except I did hear that areas near Boston are getting the brute force of this storm. They are apparently supposed to get around 2' of snow. This will be a good storm for y'all but in all reality this will be a winter to forget here. We got our street plowed just yesterday and now it'll be probably saturday when we get plowed again. But when it's all over, including President's Day that would be 10 1/2 straight days off from school. We got 16 on our regular winter break from our last blizzard.
    On Saturday my backyard had 26" and apparently another 16-20" are on the way. This is the winter that the DMV only gets like every 50 years and thank god its my senior year so extra snow days don't apply at all to me.
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