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  • I'd say to be excited, but that's just my opinion. Though if you pace yourself with them, you might not need to buy another case for a while. I still have a ton of Abenas from when I ordered almost six months ago. :p
    Awesome! I ordered some Abenas months ago that I'm still using up, but I've never gotten to try Bambino's yet. And I hope the job thing was your choice. :p
    Good! Going to college now, which is pretty cool. How are things with you?
    Lol, nobody I know thinks I'm 'cool' :cool: at all. I guess that's why I love this site! :) So, what are some of your hobbies?
    That's too bad, I can definitely help though ^^
    hey man I can talk for a little while, Im eating for now, but after that, ima take a shower
    Hey, I'm Sasuke, I'm thinking about changing my username to Yuki or something, so don't get used to it! I'm good, you?
    hey man, ill talk to you in about an hour, I gta go eat and take a shower, be back in an hour
    Im sorry to hear that, dont dig urself down to much, ur real friends will always be your real friends, and in college, people dont care about you, u will have your friends, idk if ur close with anybody in hs, but if you are, u will miss them, also about hs, you will miss how easy it is lol
    Im not gna lie, I do miss high school, its sooooo easy looking back on it, and then hangin with my friends everyday, I wanted to leave high school right away when I was there but now that Ive been out, I really want to go back at times, its really easy, I know it sounds crazy, but you will miss it lol
    o believe me I know what you mean, even though Im on my own in my college dorm, I still have a lot of restrictions, although I have a bit more freedom, Im more toddler, im strictly on the toddler side, ill take diapers or cartoon underwear, Im pretty much a 20 yr old kid lol
    I like old school rap, rnb, rock, everything, Im a music freak lol, wow you have been here a while, are you more tb? dl?
    lol Im a music fan, I like Rap, Rnb, Pop, Rock, Old school, I love music, Jazz, I like everything, how long have you been with adisc?
    cool Alex, Im doing pretty good, Im tired, but Im ok, yea this community is pretty big, what are some of your interests? Im sure we have something in common:)
    I have summer work left too, though I don't start school until the 8th, so I have some time. :p
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