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    Has anyone here bought the inflatable crin from aww so cute?

    I know of one review where someone complained about a slow leak and I think that's to be expected with any inflatable product really but I was curious if anyone has a decent review on this thing. I want to get it as a Birthday present for myself but I don't want to go blindly into it. so has...
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    Big wide world

    Dpes anyone else feel like the world is too big for them? I've always been curious if it's just me but a lot of the time I feel like this world is too big and stressful and demanding, and I just wasn't ready for it. I do my best, I do quite well actually but I still feel like for whatever...
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    Crib curious

    So I am crib curious and actually have been long before I knew that an adult baby was a thing. The problem is the price, I don't want to invest over a grand into something I have never tried and therfor am not sure of. Do any of you have one? What do you think? Is there a way for someone who...
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    Getting rid of diapers.... The feels

    Im not purging just so y'all know but when I bought my first pack they were too small. Dooable but uncomfortable and after purchasing ones that will fit I decided to get rid of my old stash to make way for the ones that will work better. But I got sad. Like it was hard getting rid of them...
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    Littles and chores

    Does anyone else like to be little when doing more grown up things? The obvious would be watching grown up movies or playing games, I personally love playing bioshock when I'm little, but also do you like doing chore as a little like grocery shopping or cleaning house or anything like that. Or...
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    My boss just asked me if I was an adult baby

    I bought a new bottle on my break and when I went to get something it fell out of my locker. She picks it up, hands it to me and gives me this look like "I know whats going on." Then she started asking if I knew what an adult baby was and I was like yeah. She asked me some questions about the...
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    Opinion on types of relationships

    I was responding to a post someone else made and it got me thinking about the types of trust involved in different kinds of relationships so I thought I might ask you guys. Do you think it would take more or less trust in someone to be their little versus their sexual partner? Say that the two...
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    Fairly new interest

    So I have never worn a diaper as an adult and honestly I've never really wanted to but since I came here that's beginning to change. I have been finding myself thinking about diapers and what it would be like to wear one more and more and I've found myself doin things like walking through the...
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    I've forgotten how to play! :(

    Usually I do puzzles and watch cartoons and I color a lot too but I recently got a santas workshop playset for Christmas, and it's really cool. Like totally awesome! And I want to play with it but when ever I go to I clam up and I get shy and self concious like I shouldn't be doing it. I know...
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    Favorite little activity

    What makes you the happiest little little you can be? Two words: baby baths. Bubbles and plastic bath toys are my favorite thing in the whole wide world. You're turn :)
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    Share your wish list! (secret santa)

    So someone mentioned a secret Santa but there were a lot of reservations about giving out addresses which I understand so what about making an AB wish list on amazon, things under 20$ and Sharing it in a thread then the "secret santas" can go through them and buy something on the list. I think...
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    What helps to put you in little space

    Do you have a ritual or a spacific toy to help you get there? The song beauty and the beast by Angela Lansbury does it for me. Before things went bad in my family I was obsessed with that movie and when I listen to it now I feel like I'm drifting back into a time when everything was okay and...
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    "Little" foods

    Whats your favorite little or baby food to eat? Mines the gerber graduate cereal puffs. The banana is my favorite but apple strawberry is good too. And apple juice.
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    Shy hello

    Hi everyone, I'm new here, obviously. My name is Penny (Not my real name) and I'm 29 and new(ish) to this whole thing. I've been watching the AB community since I was about 22 and I'm only just now fully accepting of what/who I am. I'm a little, about 5 or 6 years old. I like cartoons and...