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    Why is wearing and using a diaper so taboo?

    once potty training begins we are taught that only babies need or wear nappies and that anything that comes out of our bodies is "dirty" or "disgusting", this indoctrination goes on until we are both dry and clean day and night and usually for some time after. Wetting or soiling yourself after...
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    What’s the purpose of 24/7?

    I have to wear 24/7 due to spinal problems, so to me nappies are just my usual underwear, although there are times when I've changed myself or been changed for about the 8th time during the day I wish I could wear normal underwear.
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    Any uk people

    Born and raised in the West Riding of Yorkshire, but now living near Cardiff in South Wales.
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    sitting down with a wet diaper

    Provided you are wearing a nappy for your size you shouldn't have a problem with leaks, I am incontinent so wear 24/7 if I am out of the house I use abena L4's (in the house i use the nappies provided by the British Health Service). Even if I am sitting when my bladder voids i don't have a...
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    Trying to wear a smaller size diaper to bed, tips?

    Don't, wear one designed for your hip measurement or you are asking for leaks.
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    Am i transsexual?

    it is very unlikely that you suffer from Gender Dysphoria (IE you want to be a woman), it is actually quite common for men gay or otherwise to enjoy dressing in women's clothes. Whilst I have to wear a nappy 24/7 due to spinal problems if i am very stressed my fiancee (and mummy) will slip a...
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    What do you think about this kind of public exposure?

    this is obviously someone that likes intense humiliation and is not for me, I have to wear 24/7 due to spinal problems and do all I can to minimize exposure. I do wear a onsie whilst out and about as it helps keep my nappy in place, but it is plain coloured and looks just like a t shirt when...
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    thumb sucking age

    at 64 if I am very tired and with people I know I wlil still suck my thumb, i also do it whilst asleep, the only time I use a pacifier/dummy/binky is when I am in little mode and mummy puts one in my mouth.
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    Difficulty during vanilla sex...

    Dl's have a type of fetish known as a paraphilia and it is usually sexually related. The fact that you have to be in or on nappies in order to achieve a quick finish or have to think about nappies whilst you try to make love with your wife would indicate that you have either fantasized about...
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    Memory triggers

    I get this a lot, not necessarily nappy related, but usually about my late wife
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    Am I doing it wrong? Leaky diaper when lying down.

    yep you need to make sure you are pointing downwards. Assuming you are wearing a disposable nappy then before you put it on, open it out fully then fold in half length ways and squeeze the nappy all the way along the center line, re-open it and put it on, making sure you do the bottom tapes...
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    Best / most comfortable diaper cover or plastic pants?

    I use Gary milky white plastic pants, never had a problem with them.
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    Coffee/alcohol, incontinence and living

    never smoked, gave up alcohol many years ago but still have the odd non alcoholic beer or cider. Coffee was more difficult but my main drink these days is water or caffiene free diet coke.
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    Be careful what you wish for...

    speaking as someone with total bladder incontinence and have to wear disposable nappies 24/7 I cannot understand why people would want to be either a bed wetter or incontinent, it is a life changing event and affects just about every aspect of your life.
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    What is your main reason for wearing/using diapers?

    Physical need, total bladder inco and if my upcoming spinal surgery doesn't go well I could end up doubly incontinent again. I am also an AB and am fortunate enough to be engaged to my mummy.