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    Ever change a diaper during a flight

    I used to use a small carry on back pack with essentials in it. Be sure to let the airline know you have special needs, and you may need longer going through security as they sometimes will insist on a strip search.
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    Public changing (UK): Helpful places and people

    Morrisons also have disabled loos, Cardiff now has about 6 or 7 changing places including one in St Davids/Queen St Shopping arcade. (just checked now 8 in total). if you need to find one then go to:-
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    How to use toilet while wearing diapers

    Topex, well said. I do have bowel problems but very rarely and usually when my IBS is really bad, and when it happens all I can hear is my mother's voice telling me what a dirty little boy I am, (was doubly incontinent until aged 14).
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    Aberrantlyme Me - Let's try this again..

    Hi there welcome to the group, whilst i was a Mormon I never had any problems dealing with my incontinence whilst i was a member. But do not let them know you are an ab/dl. whilst that wasn't got me ex-communicated they won't react kindly to it
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    How to use toilet while wearing diapers

    I have total bladder loss so face this daily. I usually un-tape just one side and pull the nappy down, then pull up and re tape, other times i sometimes manage to pull the entire nappy down like a pull up.
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    First conversations about incontinence

    I have had bladder problems off an d on all my life and until surgery when i was 14 was doubly incontinent. now at 64 I have total bladder loss and am experiencing bowel problems again. When i moved to Wales I found i could self-refer to the continence service and they arranged a supply of...
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    This 'Incontinent' fetish?

    PaddedStag, don't give in, I wish I could say it will get better, but that is unlikely. you could go down the medication route depending on the cause of your IC or botox injections may be a possibility (talk to your urologist), other than that it is trying to accept that you have a medical...
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    This 'Incontinent' fetish?

    Same here, I keep trying to tell those that wish they were incontinent what it actually means and the massive difference it makes to your life, I now have total bladder loss and am experiencing bowel accidents as well, especially when my IBS flares, this is all due to spinal problems and...
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    Unscented powder

    There has recently been a scare about long term use of talc causing cancer, honestly suggest you stick to cornstarch, far safer.
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    Hello! :)

    According to some recent research, most of us are drawn to nappies at a very early age, some even before they are out of nappies themselves. sometimes there is an obvious link as in my case as I crave the love and caring that was denied, but that doesn't mean everyone had a poor or abusive...
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    My name is jen

    Hi Jen, Firstly well done for joining and for sharing your anxiety about your boyfriend. You don't mention if he is a diaper lover or an adult baby and there is a big difference. Adult babies want to go back to an age where they didn't have responsibilities and were cared for, some want to...
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    Hello! :)

    Hi Krimeltje, welcome to adisc. That's a nice introduction and I wish you well with your new site. I became an AB partially to help come to terms with being bladder incontinent and partly to help recover from an abusive childhood. Hopefully, you will find plenty to do and...
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    practice what I tell others

    Having to come to the knowledge or understanding that you have a continence problem can be a life-changing event, it was for me and caused a lot of depression and anxiety at the time, one of the reasons I became an AB was to help me cope with the feelings it brought back, but once you work...
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    If you do decide to use pads rather than nappies, make sure you wear tight fitting underwear with them, this helps hold them in place. As for changing the longest I go in a single nappy is overnight and i make sure to use a barrier cream all over the area covered by the nappies absorbent area.
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    Anyone like me (mostly overactive bladder)???

    My Incontinence is actually caused by spinal and nerve damage and as such I don't have OAB (wet or dry), I have total loss of bladder loss and am not aware when I need to void or indeed am voiding, During the early stages I did try pull-ups, but they wouldn't hold enough or absorb fast enough...