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  • Hi PCBaby,
    Thanks for the input, ill make sure to type something up and add it into the RP when it fits (much like what you did on pg. 4 as you said) possibly when we resume the RP as is next time (tomorrow?) :)
    Mmmm, I think Miss Little will be needing a looonng hot bubble bath and a cup of warm cocoa tonight... :p

    *snickergiggle* OH hush :p I can deal :3
    Hey, I'm seeing you all over the Daycare. I lost interest in it (mostly because I was gone for half a year), and I was wondering if you'd like to take ownership for it.
    Thank you too! I had fun! Get real tired of boring same-old RPs :p You make it enjoyable for the caretaker too, rather than it being there just to satisfy you :D

    Ni ni Kelvin :D
    ((Well, I have no qualms about juggling two little ones, but I don't think Kelvin would get the attention he needs in that case, and Bluesteak might feel left out, so perhaps a little break is in order while Kelvin naps, just so I can get Blue used to me, too :3))
    I will reply with long response my Daddy and just want to thank you again for adopting me as I have never felt as loved and protected as you have made me in these roleplay scenes :)
    I've been meaning to say that you need to be an established contributor to make visitor messages as well.
    Just had to say 'hi'! I noticed you live in Cardiff. Welsh pride baby! :)

    Never been there, but maybe some day I'll go see where my ancestors are from.
    i think we are going to have a problem with talking tonight on ADISC. I just tried to accses the Chat and they have removed the Mibbitt option for me and i dont really know how to accses the ADISC chat through other InterNet Relay Chat's.
    Heeey :p
    I have been told I sound very English myself - even to the point where some have called my speaking voice very 'posh'. I think that's down to all the singing I do though. Many people here in the states tell me I sound like Harry Potter... ¬.¬
    Haha, I'm actually on summer holiday right now, so updated my location to Florida. My family and I have been here since July, so I thought it warranted changing that. I'll be going to England because I'll be studying for my A levels in boarding school - there weren't really any places in or around Cardiff that I thought would suit me, so we looked further afield! I certainly don't think England is dreary, though! Well, in any way apart from the weather, in which case, you have a point. But then that's normally reflective of all of the UK. :\
    Ooohh, I'm sorry to hear that. :-(
    Hehe, not upset by any means though. I don't normally see many who live in Wales on here so I thought I would pop by! I'll pretty much be living in England over the next couple of years myself, anyway.
    Just popping by to say 'hi' another Welshman. I've been seeing more of us on here recently! :p
    lol I'm slow? Your just always a few minutes before me! I worked a little late oday though :p
    good ta' see ya' man!
    we're gunna be 'the adisc greeting duo'!
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