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    Pooping position

    It varies with the how much I need to go, how tight the nappy is etc. When I feel an urge I stop what I am doing, stand with my legs apart, squat slightly and push. Sometimes I can be more subtle and do it without the obvious poo stance but the shallow squat does make it easier. If nothing...
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    Plastic pants over disposable diapers - PVC or PUL?

    PUL is generally better - more supple, longer lasting. I happen to prefer PVC for aesthetic reasons and put up with its limitations in order to get the feel and look that I like. Whatever product makes the best seal to your body, and has least tendency to 'pump' air in and out as you move, will...
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    Diaper dreams?

    It's a funny thing that although nappies have been an enduring fascination since childhood, and are a big part of my daily routine including wearing a thick night nappy every night, I never dream about them. I don't wet in my sleep so if I have a full bladder, I might dream about needing to use...
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    Tena Slip (active fit) Ultima are amazing.

    The Ultima is my general daytime nappy for discreet use at work and on the move. If you meet me in the street and there's no sign that I am wearing a nappy, it's because I'm in an Ultima. (If it does look like I have a nappy on, it's probably a Betterdry or Rearz Inspire). They are sufficiently...
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    Medical test subject - Cold Water Research, Drysuits, Diapers, and Rectal Thermometer

    Wearing a nappy for science... second only to wearing to go to space. I wonder if they will be weighing the nappies to see how much you have wet? Oh, but what happens about the thermometer in your bottom if you need to do a poo in the nappy?
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    When you just have to use the toilet

    A familiar situation, needing to do a big solid load that would be satsifying and rewarding to do in a nappy, then being cheated out of the opportunity by some external factor like lack of changing time. One advantage of 24/7 is that there will be lots more opportunities, so one can afford to...
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    diapr checks

    Although I'm not an AB I enjoy sharing nappy time when possible, and having someone change me and look after my nappy routine is a special treat. All kinds of nappy checks are fun but my favourite is being checked for mess when it's not clear whether I've done one or not. Sometimes it's obvious...
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    What's better... Cloth or disposable?

    Disposables only for me. * As a 24/7 wearer with a busy life involving lots of travel, the time overhead of dealing with cloth and the logistics to ensure a supply while on the move would be excessive. * I do two or three messes a day and when away from home it would be near impossible to deal...
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    Do thin diapers do "it" for you?

    I too prefer thick, white, crinkly nappies, despite never having worn them as a child. AFAIK I didn't wear a single disposable from birth to potty training, so I sometimes wonder what makes them so specifically appealing now. My best guess is that they were what I saw in use around me when my...
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    Diapers and driving long distances

    As a 24/7 I wear when I'm on a long drive but paradoxically the nappy doesn't always get used. Like many others I find it difficult to wet while driving due to the concentration, and it's difficult to mess sitting down. I can sometimes trick myself into wetting using the wet-when-messing effect...
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    Is it common to simultaneously wet when messing?

    Yes, doing a poo usually makes me need to wee at the same time. It's kind of involuntary although I could probably stop it with difficulty. When I feel the need to do a poo I stand with my legs apart and push with my bottom. Once the poo is in progress I will relax for a few seconds and that is...
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    24/7: Do People Really Never Find Out?

    Many will probably have had the same experience: It is quite possible that people have noticed, but no-one has said anything. It's hard to collect intelligence on what people know or suspect, because any attempt to test their reaction, even in an an artificial scenario, could raise their...
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    How much do you peeps wet

    I do little wets every 15 mins or so. Provided I am keeping up at the intake end of things, there's a general feeling of a steady flow of wetness at the nappy end. Even so, I never get anywhere close to using up the full absorbency. I will wear a Betterdry for 3-4 hours, do a dozen or more wets...
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    Your best diapered moments

    There have been a few times that a nappy has come to the rescue in an emergency. The most memorable, which I think I've related before, was when I had been constipated for a few days and suddenly needed to go while shopping in a retail outlet centre. I do use the nappy for messes when out and...
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    Tena Slip Ultima or BetterDry?

    The Active Fit Ultima (plastic backed) and Betterdry are my two daily drivers, I switch between them depending on circumstances. Max protection: Betterdry. Max discretion: Tena. Even the Ultima is much less obvious under clothes than a Betterdry as it is both thinner and more flexible, and...