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    How old were you when you started using diapers?

    The day I was born. However, if you mean in the AB/DL context, I'd say it transisted into that rather naturally. Because I wet the bed until about 12 and a half years old (no joke). And so I wore diapers/pull-ups until I stopped wetting. I remember enjoying being in diapers for as long as I can...
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    Poll: Why do you wear diapers? (18+)

    For me its a mix of three things: 1: My AB side. i.e I like to feel like a baby/toddler/child etc. by wearing diapers, being taken care of etc. 2: It can also be sexual. Hence the DL side. 3: It is also a submissive trait. Which I guess sort of goes along with the BDSM community. But either way...
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    Pampers size 7

    I've been looking for these for the longest time! Sadly, most of the local walgreens don't carry them :( But I'm a skinny guy, I can fit into size 6 pampers (but they are tight) so i know size 7 would be just perfect for me! :D I'm determined to obtain some.. Someday..
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    What are your diaper fantasies?

    Hmm Generally I want to be force-diapered and taken care of. More specifically, I would love for someone in real life to just come up with the idea of putting me in a diaper (for some reason or another!) Like if I'm at a friend's house and at some point when we're alone they surprise me with...
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    Im Pat, 19 from the central Florida area. I have many hobbies, most of which would surly get me classified as a "nerd" but I don't care :cool: There are many aspects to me as a person and I hope to meet lots of interesting/cool/loyal friends on this site! See you soon! ~Pat