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    There must be some positive sides of incontinence

    Hey diam. I've been incontinent pretty much my entire life. I had to see a bunch of health professionals as I was growing up, but they couldn't find anything wrong with me. I tried everything to stop, but nothing worked. I'd always felt ashamed, but then one day I realised that I don't actually...
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    Just introducing myself :)

    Thanks Chester :) Thanks for the help. I am looking for somewhere to role play, but its great to know there's a place where I can get support and bounce ideas around, I'm sure you all know how trying it can be when the world won't accept you for who you are, even if you're fantasies and...
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    Just introducing myself :)

    Hi guys! I'm new to the forums, but I've been living a part time ABDL for a while now. I first realized my desire to role-playing as an adult baby was nearly two years ago. I've been doing it on my own in my room, none of my friends or my family know, but I want to indulge my fantasies with...