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  • Silver Ravenwolf isn't my favorite author. In fact she has such a habit of saying ridiculous things that a few friends of mine made her books into a drinking game. Now, thats not to say that her books aren't worth reading. It's just that she has a bad habit of blowing things out of proportion and using the most most ridiculous metaphors.
    Hi there!!!

    Hey would love to chat more but its 2am so to bed I go. As far as the Wicca stuff is concerned, feel free to ask me anything, if I don't have an answer I probably know someone that does.

    Be Well.
    They really are! I've wanted to get one, myself for my photo editing. It's so much easier to trim a face with a stylus, rather than a mouse.
    Line art is always good. Yeah, tablets are great. My cuzzy (also on DA) has a tablet, and it helps a lot. Yay!
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