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  • ya i found an artist nice enough to let m use his art
    i love old cartoons everything from wilee coyote to digimon good see meet another fan
    I will be changing my major next quarter (I have issues with the instructor) As far as diapers catching fire I am well aware O.O. I still wear though i feel calmer when I wear.
    I attend Gwinnettech they have machine tool awell as welding and joining. I'm taking stick 1,oxy fuel cutting and intor next quarter i will be doing computer newtworking
    oh one more thing,
    the best man-made fragrance/ scent/ smell ever is:
    no doubt!!!
    - Will
    just seen your page and wanted to say HEY!
    you remind me of someone i know in Seattle! (the high achievement, the brains and all, and the AB/DL stuff!)
    anyway, I hope you have a great time being an active member @ adisc!
    - Will
    i would love to sample those diapers.Are you a certified welder.I'm in college for a welding diploma
    Bonne fête à toi. Bonne fête à toi. Bonne fête, bonne fête. Bonne fête à toi.
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