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    Which colors would you most like to see in diapers?

    I miss these so much, I remember the red pull-ups they were freaking cute as! UCB were so different and avant-garde with these compared with your standard types with white and a tape panel
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    ABU Thoughts

    See for me I love ABU, as they are: comfortable, nice cute prints, medium capacity meaning I get changed a lots by mummy and I don’t feel obliged to stay in it all day cause I want it to be soaked before taking it off. my favourites are Kiddos or SDKs they are like classic pampers and modern...
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    Why is Ireland such an ABDL Desert?

    There is a group in Dublin and they are on fetlife called wruff & tumble they did an event before Christmas we attended with friends of ours from Belfast and it was grand. Look them up really nice group and good mix of girls and guys but I will say one thing Irish society is very repressive so...
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    Changing On the Go

    I’m spending a lot of time in the USA at the moment and noticed in a lot of public bathrooms they have gaps between the door and the frame of the stalls which means people can see into the privacy of the toilet stall, how do you change a diaper privately if someone can see you. Another thing...
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    Those diaper jealousy moments

    I think we get jealous of the normality and the adorable factor that kids get to enjoy but as adults we get judged harshly by everyone it’s not normal and it’s “weird” acceptance is what we crave and that what makes us envy those little kids and younger kids who have the unjudged freedoms to...
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    Slipping into littlespace at school

    It’s a coping mechanism so it’s understandable it happens, maybe have something little you can use for a moment and then re-focus on the task like maybe a colouring app on your phone or an adult colouring book to just scribble on for a moment to regain yourself I use to get a little bit silly...
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    The joy of medium capacity nappies

    I am in total agreement with you PCS I am a 90s kid and the mid capacity Nappies remind me of the younger years around 2002-2005 pampers size 6 was my perfect nappy it was a good fit, wicked well and had a lovely sag and wet bottom feeling to enjoy as a DL these had me very happy so adult...
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    Anyone who use ABDL diapers for pooping?

    Kiddos is my favorite for real little behavior as they look like pampers to me and two taped Nappies are the best. I think my second favorite is a preschool’s as they remind me of a nappy a toddler would wear and therefore makes it even more enjoyable as it feels naughty pooping in my nappy...
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    Is Diaper Punishment a thing?

    There are a number of news stories mainly from the US featuring diaper punishment but not like the stories you can read of being kept in them or being reduced to a baby. More used to humiliate and degrade the child, making them feel worthless and then getting mocked for being a baby and not...
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    Has anyone been to Pick N Mix?

    It refers to pick n mix candy where you choose what you like the event is a two floor mix of little play and kink play so you can do both and it runs for 6/7hrs and is really well run lol
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    Has anyone been to Pick N Mix?

    I been attending pride events for at least three years and I think what your referring to Bose is the LBLCon which requires you to be known to the organizers which is a fair requirement. Pick n Mix is open to all and encourages new people to attend, the event has just changed venues and now...
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    How can i go number two in my diapers

    Just let it come naturally and don’t push it, I like the idea of pooping in the corner or behind something like a toddler in secret. You have to just let it come out it will take around 3-5 minutes to fully come out cause you have to relax you sphincter and let the poop slip out. Once out...
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    ABU is doing 4 Tape Kiddos

    No! No! No! Don’t do it I love the fact kiddos are two tapes they should either run both or keep them 2 tape 😭 don’t kill off the 2 tape version
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    Does anyone know what these diapers are?

    Basically tykables overnights probably the same production line and factory tbh
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    Diaper chart

    Really odd how it starts on a Thursday