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    stickers on your diapers

    I really like the ABU Stickers. I know they are $$ but they are very cute
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    Games You're Currently Playing?

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    What do you game on?

    Custom Built PC
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    Hello From Jay

    Hey! Jay!!! Im talking to you on discord right now!
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    Hi!!! *waves vigorously* I would love to go camping if I had the time and money. I really don't have a single spec of camping gear. What is your favorite place to camp?
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    Hi! Welcome to Adisc. Where have you traveled if I may ask?
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    not entirely sure what I'm doing, but eh

    HI!! Welcome to Adisc!
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    Photography 101

    Just letting you know that I did reply to your post, but because I am not EC I am still waiting for it to be approved.
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    Photography 101

    Hey Acron converting 35mm negs to digital can be done a few ways. Let's go over them. These are in no particular order. First and foremost; services. Basically this is where you send in your negatives and get them back along with a disc that has all the images on a CD in a RAW or Jpeg format...
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    Photography 101

    Thanks for your reply Moonshot. I agree the shutter release is very important. Film will never die! Im actually trying to save up for an old medium format film camera and create a make shift dark room in my house.
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    Photography 101

    The D7100 is a great starting camera. A few tips I don't know if you know. - Dig through the manual and turn on the ISO Extended Mode if isn't on already it will get your ISO to go to 25600. You might never use it but it's learning what a photo shouldn't look like. - Take images in RAW and...
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    Photography 101

    Hey SISI okay so taking photographs of fireworks can be a bit hard first lets start with what you will need. Gear A Tripod this is a must. You need something that will not move the camera at all. A Camera with at least a bulb option Bulb is a shutter speed or more so lack of a shutter speed...
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    Photography 101

    That is one of many reasons that can cause that. Others can be but not limited too "Is the monitor calibrated to the printer" "Are you using a pigment or dye ink printer" "Are you using the correct paper type, Matte vs Glossy for the your printer" Matte absorbs more ink so it can cause colors...
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    Photography 101

    I figured I would start a thread to help others who are either into Photography or who are looking to get into photography. I studied 5 years of photography in college and 4 years before that in highschool. I started in the darkroom and moved to digital. I would like this thread to be civil...
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    Caretaker/Partner guess

    I wasn't sure how to title this. Basicly I'm wondering/looking for "dating advice" I guess is how it would be described. I know their are meet and greets and get togethers. The thing is I have been away from the community for a while and I don't even know if LA, CA get togethers happen. My...