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    That's true, it's not that I don't want less cool Pokemon. Cool Pokemon make a lot of people happy, it's that I wish strong and cool and weak and cute weren't the only ways of doing things. Unless your Blissey or a legendary, of course.
    Cubchoo are just too cute. Too, too cute. Pokemon should stop evolving all the time. Second really cute bear that gets all big and scary when it evolves.
    the first half was fantastic, the house party bit made me cringe badly, the actual sport though has been great
    I've spent most of it working in Tesco, but the money is pretty good , I get good hours and my friend has invited me out on his family holiday to Greece or Portugal in September, I only have to pay for flights I think so I'm looking forward to it
    ha ha you're 20 now heh heh heh or maybe for a while already ho ho ho ho
    not bad, 2 Bs and 1 A in my modules so far, waiting for my friend to pick up the last result for me

    mums will always see us as their little darlings, on my 21st we sat down and watched home videos of me as a toddler which was mildly mortifying
    Hey dude, hope all is well, welcome to the realm of the twenty-somethings, where you're halfway to 40 lol
    Hmm well I grew up in Essex (no real ale and practically no ciders - only strongbow in the pubs, and ppl would take the mickey if you were drinking it, although thats mainly becasue Essex is full of W*****s!). I moved to the South when I went to Uni which coincided with the emergence of Magners which changed the public perception, which kicked off mainstream pubs stocking loads of different ciders. Perhaps it was always like that down on the coast but it wasn't everywhere like it was now.
    Hmmm strong cloudy ones for preference!. However Aspall's are also pretty good - picked up a couple of cases from Majestic when I was at Westquay last week (picking up a tigger footed sleeper from Primark lol). Have been drinking cider since way before it became popular, so it's nice to get the variety now :)
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