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    Good timing! Maybe someday we'll get a good chat in?? Take care, and do what you can! -Marka
    Thank you...I'm working on that part... Hope you are doing well too! -Marka
    ConnorFilmBoy, Just wanted to give you a warm shout-out! Take care! -Marka
    That's a two-way street Conner! And thank you! Feelings are mutual! -Marka :hug:
    Okay thanks! Also I'm replying to your PM...I've been online for 2-hours, so I'll finish the replies when I return... -Marka
    Nice. I listen to just about everything as well besides Country. What are some of your favorite bands or genres?
    What kind of job is that????:confused: I only make $7.25 an hour:wallbash: and usually (as of lately, because of my :pizza: job) work 10-5:30.
    Congratulations on the new job buddy! :hug::thumbsup:

    on a side note, YAY for emoticons/smileys!:cool:
    Marriage is (most likely) a long way off, for me at least. I'd be more worried about finding someone who can accept it.

    You could say mommy is potty training you too lol. Bahahahahahaha. Might make that phase easier.
    Heh, heh. That made me laugh a little. Reminds me of the "this is why I waddle when I walk" video.

    It's good that you can use your diapers as a stress reliever and get in your comfort zone.
    Hey, at least it got better! Good that you got some more diapers! Are you going to live on campus in college? If so then you can get the bulky diapers! LOL.
    Maybe your mom won't find these diapers.
    I was able to get through my remedial math 100 online with no calculator. You can do it too. Some colleges allow you to circumvent remedial courses if you can retake your ACT/SAT/etc and get the results in beforehand. I only have to have math 113 for the rest of my life!

    Sorry they lost your info buddy. I'm sure it'll sort itself out and get better:D
    Aww! I hope it's better now! I had a long one too. It rained from when I got to work till when I left. I worked from 11-1 at my secondary job, and 1-5:30 at my primary job. Then I went back to my secondary to help out because I was asked to.

    But watching the Wisconsin recall election has made me feel a lot better :)
    I used too. Being the person that I am, I keep it covered up. The only people that know about it are you guys on ADISC. I want to be a politician so at some point i'll have to give it up. Lately it's been a waning interest. I really only get on here to talk to people I've added and to check the Mature topics, EC's threads, Off-topic, and the like. I've started to realize that I'm growing up...again... I was forced to grow up much earlier than I should have when my parent's divorced. Then I kind of split my brain in two different parts. Adult life and pre-teen attitudes. now the pre-teen is almost grown up with the still immature side...

    All in all, no not really, it's no weirder than some more common fetishes and not near as visible.
    Babyfood or Babyhood? If it's the food, according to my mom, I practically lived off the stuff in the short time I was on babyfood. I have been told I was through the full cycle of milk from beginning to sippy cup within 6 months.

    If it's hood, I just made the assumption with the
    I really (unfortunately) don't remember waking up with the pull-ups. I've always been like that though, I don't remember anything for the first 10-15 minutes of my day. I can tell you the word I read before falling asleep though.

    I have a particular attraction to pull-ups/goodnites though. If I can ever get my weight down low enough, I might try them.

    On a side note, have you ever eaten hawian delight babyfood? It's really good. I, and plenty of my friends, ate it as a desert until we were like 13. I love that shit lol.
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