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    You kid finds out

    This has definitely been discussed here before. I have a 16 year old and 13 year old twins. I would be mortified if they found out. I would obviously play it off like a medical need, but explaining the few printed ones I have would be a little harder.
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    How old are you guys currently?

    I turned 40 yesterday. Been a DL for my whole life.
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    How much money do you think you have spent on being diapered over your life

    I’ve been wearing for about 22 years, but my opportunities are very few and far in between. If I had to guess, I would say $200 to $300 in that time frame. When I buy a pack of diapers, that pack last me for months. And I am talking about a bag of 10 diapers, not a case.
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    thrift store finds

    Best I ever found was at a Goodwill. It was a full pack of the molicares when they were purple plastic. Only paid $8.
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    How early did you start to like wearing diapers?

    I don’t remember I time when I didn’t like them. Although I didn’t actually wear a diaper again until I was around 12 or so when I found a bag of depends at my grandmas house.
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    Did parents ever threaten diapers?

    I remember once when I was maybe 5 or 6, my older brother and I were playing in the front yard. He was always a jerk to me and he thought it would be funny to get the hose and wet my shorts so it looked like I pees my pants. Right after he did that, he yelled out to my mom saying “Mom, he...
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    New abdl diapers!

    This is my buddy up in Washington. I used to live up there but we still keep in touch now that I’m down in California. Super cool guy. Definitely support this guy if you like cloth diapers and if you can afford it obviously.
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    How did you discover that adults wore nappies?

    I can’t honestly remember a time I didn’t know adult diapers existed. Probably from looking at catalogues when I was younger.
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    Preferences between plastic baked and cloth backed disposable nappies

    I’m a plastic backed fan for sure. Cloth back does nothing for me. And you don’t get that amazing crinkle sound.
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    SIDF: Sleep In Diapers Friday

    If my wife goes to sleep before me, I’ll be offing up for the night.
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    YouTube / Social Media vs College

    Since we have members here from age 18 to 80 here, I wanted to ask this question and get everybody’s opinion. I want to see if opinions vary by age group. I’m 39 and was talking to my 16 year old son last night. His passion is music and I would be very surprised if he doesn’t end up doing...
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    Would you like to be spotted by fellow abdl?

    I wouldn’t mind being approached as long as I was alone. I would hate to be asked about my diaper in front of friends, family or coworkers.
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    Am i the only one that actually like medical diapers ?

    I definitely prefer the all white diapers over any prints. I mean, I won’t turn down a printed diaper, but the prints do nothing for me at all. However, I do like the color choices from Northshore Megamax lately. Maybe because they aren’t babyish.
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    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    I slept in an Abena M4 under my boxer briefs and pajama bottoms since my wife always wants them hidden. However, I must have got hot at night because I woke up wit just a tshirt and diaper on. No boxer briefs, no pajama bottoms.
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    Does anyone else like to have sex while wearing diaper?

    I would die if my wife offered to have sex in diapers...either just me or both of us. It has yet to happen and probably never will, but damn it would be great. However, I haven’t needed diapers to finish with my wife up to this point so I don’t think that would change.