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    AB/Littlespace Shows!

    I remember this cartoon when I was really little. I'd watch it along with Speed Racer. There are some free low res episodes on YouTube as well as ones that you can pay to watch--hopefully better res on those.
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    Classic Video games

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    How much do you spend

    Let's see. I have been wearing Tranquility ATNs due to price and they work OK at night or extended wear with a good booster. Somewhere around $150-200 a month for 24/7. Add to that wipes, powder and cream in that range.
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    Pacifier help

    It can be sort of ritualistic--you do it for a baby's paci so you do it for your little side. I usually wash mine well but if I feel that it needs something extra, I'll boil the paci if it can survive the process. I know it doesn't require that level of cleanliness but it just seems right at times.
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    My depression is starting.

    Well, church for me is going out into nature--where I feel closer to Nature. It can be theraputic but not always.
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    What did yóu discover while sucking a pacifier?

    It helps me not to bite my nails.
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    My depression is starting.

    As someone who has Serious Depression, I can understand where you are coming from. If you can see a therapist, it can and does help. I also feel that loneliness since there are not really anyone around who is into some of the things that I like. This does make life hard and I find myself...
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    For the gaming Onesie lovers here!

    Kerbal Space Program Minecraft Any Nintendo Character Sonic
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    Any X-Plane or other flight sim pilots?

    One of the my favorite old flight Sims was F/A 18 Interceptor on the Amiga. It certainly is not as complex as the hardcore sims, but it was challenging. I also had an Apache Simulator (Gunship) for the Amiga but it was killed by a boot-block virus--often the copy protection of Amiga software...
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    Any X-Plane or other flight sim pilots?

    I may have to check that mod out.
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    What's your little age?

    Yup, I thought it was, albeit not really scientific. It does amaze me.thst it seems to be hitting pretty well though. Perhaps I should think of 2 years old as a good starting point for me.
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    Retro Gaming

    Amiga 5000UX? Never heard of that model. lol Do you mean the A3000UX? My last Amiga was an A4000/040 system in an Elbow Power Tower conversion case. It had a Picasso IV RTG card, the Buddah/Catweasel combo board, one of the Amiga Zorro II SCSI boards, and a X-Surf II network card. (I don't...
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    Onesie Characters

    Unfortunately, I've not had great luck with the transfer paper. It starts out looking fine but after awhile, it starts to fade and crack/peel.
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    Quiet "Little" play on my bedroom floor...

    One of the reasons I like games like Minecraft or Kerbal Space Program-they are kinda like virtual Legos.
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    Onesie Characters

    Jeb Kerman from KSP