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    Any just plain diaper lovers here? Not little, AB, or IC, just a lover.

    Yup, DL/DF here too-wearing plain cheapies from the big box stores, around the house, a good plain diaper, when going out and about (shopping, movies, restaurants), but at fur cons, will wear the more colorful/noisy diapers, but still, just a DL/DF.
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    Diapers on the highway

    The same here, an Ex-OTR driver,, I'd be padded up, all the time and always brought along a fairly good supply of diapers with me, while out on the road. It was also mentioned, that if you could get to a Wally World (if the bastards haven't posted no trucks signs), they would usually have some...
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    Your fursona.

    My fursona: horse.
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    Diapered in Fursuit at FWA 2019

    I agree, it really is quite surprising, that there are many suiters, that would not normally wear diapers, will wear, under their suits, since it's a pain sometimes, to get in and out of them, in a hurry. If one uses a good diaper, with a high absorbency rate, the chances of leakage, is rather...
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    ABDL diapers with SAP??

    Exactly right. When I was doing the truck driver thing, quite often, I'd end up in Houston, TX, head over to some warehouse, that had several million tons of it in there and bring up 44 thousand pounds of the stuff, to a diaper making plant in Western PA. It was quite a tingle (not tinkle-I was...
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    Tails and Tornadoes 2019 Con (TTFC)

    Oh and Matt, it would have been nice to see you again and say hello, in person.
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    Tails and Tornadoes 2019 Con (TTFC)

    As much as I would have liked to have attended; 1: short on going to cons funding right now and 2: someone already committed me to other plans, for a road trip, on the east coast. I know a few diaper guys going, sadly I won't be their soggy companion for that event (this year).
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    Diapered in Fursuit at FWA 2019

    "jeans were not enough to hide my excessively swollen padding. " I wear that effect, proudly.
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    Thank you. I use that nick, primarily with my DL/DF side-with my furry side or at fur cons, I...

    Thank you. I use that nick, primarily with my DL/DF side-with my furry side or at fur cons, I have a furry nick, but there's still a few clues, I'm wearing padding, if anyone looks at my con badges.
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    Best FWA ever

    Yup, they do black bag what ever you buy from them there.
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    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    Hey, going with the cheapie, right now-a Certainty from Walgreens.
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    I thought you were a bunch of nutcases... Till I tried it!

    I have to agree-from the many suiters I do know (and a few, that I've talked to), it really is a enlightening/fun experience to do. I look forward to the day, when I can get a fursuit too-there's not many of us horses there, at cons.
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    Diapered in Fursuit at FWA 2019

    Always a good idea-being that some fursuits are a real pain to get in and out of, when the "necessity" arrives. Being padded, makes things some much more enjoyable, about being suited up. I do know there are a few, that normally would not wear padding, but do, just while suiting. I don't have a...
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    Best FWA ever

    Oh, BTW Rift, you go to the Adult Dealers Den and talk to the people there from the local Diaper Depot? They had a booth there, to buy padding.
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    Best FWA ever

    Hey, I'm glad you had a good time there, I did too (I just wish there were more DL/DF guys attending-I'd even maybe, have a DL/DF panel??). That Marriot is quite the hotel for a fur con.