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    Drynites 8-15 capacity?

    This information is different from the information I have available. It might be outdated. Every year the dimensions and the absorption capacity of the diapers change. Perhaps the origin of the diaper also determines the absorption capacity. Example: English diapers of the same brand have...
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    Prestretching of baby diapers so that they can handle a larger hip size.

    So, if I understand it well, I have to stretch it very slowly, if necessary I can pull the cloth back out of the elastic. How should the latter be done? The sizes are obviously confusing, there are differences between the nappies in the same size depending on the country of production. For...
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    Prestretching of baby diapers so that they can handle a larger hip size.

    Good to know that this was possible for at least a few years, but is this still the case in the 2019 version? Is this length still current? The German Pampers size 8 has a length of 23.23 "(59 cm) and a width of 9.65" (24.5 cm). If your information is correct, that would mean that Pampers...
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    Prestretching of baby diapers so that they can handle a larger hip size.

    I have tried Pampers Baby Dry size 8, which could handle a hip size of 96.5 cm with prestretching (the German version, I read that once). I can wear this, but I don't feel that I had stretched it to its maximum size. I have already broken the side cuffs myself by pulling too hard when...
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    How to make ABDL-related purchases discreetly (no store name mentioned on bank accounts)

    In the past I have already made purchases through an ABDL-related webshop and I have always checked that there are strict requirements for discretion. It is in an inconspicuous packaging, I can pick up the order via a parcel shop, ... Sometimes there are striking measures of discretion. What...
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    Adult pacifier

    link Are the pacifiers you mention the same as the [email protected] pacifiers? I think so?
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    NUK Medic Pro L: guard is too small+ pacifier falls out of mouth during the the night

    I notice that the guards of the NUK Medic Pro L are very small, not an adult size. It should certainly be 2 centimeters longer in length to cover my lips. Also in height it seems little. The uncovered space between the pacifier and my nose is also very large. The NUK Medic Pro L guard may be...
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    Has anyone else received AB/DL desires from anything other than diapers?

    For most people, their "adult baby" desires are caused by diapers. However, diapers have not been the cause of my AB desires in my childhood. In the past, I was particularly interested in pacifiers and strollers. When I was ten, I was exceptionally allowed to go in the stroller of a younger...
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    Disappointed in new-design 2019 Goodnites

    I'm curious: - can someone measure which hip size the Goodnites can handle without prestretching? - And with prestretching to the maximum, to which hip circumference can it be worn? Moreover, is the same evolution going on at the European Drynites? For comparison: according to last year's...
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    "Tipos de Bebês" videos on Youtube

    I have found that there are many videos on YouTube with the title "Tipos de Bebês" (Types of Babies). In these videos, children between the ages of 4 and 12 (sometimes older) behave like babies. You see them regularly with a pacifier in their mouth, drinking from a baby bottle or even in a crib...
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    Older children on diaper packages

    The Pampers Baby Dry 8 can only be used if the person has a hip circumference from 55 cm. This can be worn in a normal way until this person has a hip circumference of 65 cm. If you pre-stretch the side cuffs, these diapers can handle a hip circumference of 96.5 cm. Below is a table that makes...
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    Older children on diaper packages

    I notice that the largest diaper sizes sometimes show images of striking old children who may already go to elementary school. Compare the images of the "Beauty Baby" packaging (from the German brand Müller) with the packaging from Pampers: The children look remarkably older on the "Beauty...
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    Pampers products - will they fit me?

    Thank you for letting me know. Are there any other persons who can wear Pampers products?
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    Pampers products - will they fit me?

    I am sure that they are available for longer than two years (in Europe anyway), otherwise it may be that my memories are wrong.
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    Pampers products - will they fit me?

    I was wondering if certain Pampers products (Baby Dry/Cruisers, size 6/7/8) would fit me. My waist is 28 inches and my weight is 125 lbs. I still wear Goodnites S/M. Until I was 14 years old I could fit in the XS size of Goodnites.