Lungs of steel and a heart of gold.
Clarkston, Michigan
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My name is Chris. I have been an AB/DL for a very long time since i was about 8 and i am now almost 21. I'm not really an adult baby so much as I am a little. I act like i'm a 3 year old not really a baby. I have an attachment to my pacifier that I just can't explain. I like to wear diapers to just wind down and relax. It's never really been a sexual thing for me. It just makes me feel safe and secure. Outside of being a Little I am with my friends almost constantly. Only a few of my friends know about my little side but those that do don't care if i wear around them. We love to sit outside by the fire and "medicate properly and legally" Being from Michigan the "medication" is legal with a prescription. I'm a very kind-hearted person and it gets me into a lot of odd and sometimes stressful situations. I love glass; I'm completely and utterly obsessed with all things glass. Paper weights are probably my favorite thing to collect because the patterns they can hold are just incredible. I'm always looking for ways to make money to support both of my pricier habits. Professionally I run what is called a Boring Mill. I cut huge metal parts the size of a small blazer, Or I can cut parts the size of a mouse on my machine. I cut my parts normally to the thousandth of an inch but sometimes the GOV'T brings in parts that need to be cut to even more precise measurements ten-thousandths of an inch. my machining career has me set up for lots of new jobs in the future. I hope to become very successful in life and show just cause I got a lil' kid trapped inside of me doesn't mean he isn't powerful