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    Tena Silhouette refresh, new Noir type

    Seems Tena have repackaged their Silhouette range of pull ups in to a slightly more classy pack, possibly in response to the Boutique range from Always. More excitingly, there is now an all-black Noir type. Not very babyish but looks rather lovely with some black lingerie...
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    New purple edition of Always Discreet Boutique pull-ups

    Available in the UK via Superdrug: For some reason they're using the French name.
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    Always 'Boutique' Pull Ups

    These look sort of like a much cuter version of the Depend ones: I'm a big fan of their low rise pull ups, both as a wearer and on my OH. These...
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    Drynites for 10-17 year olds?

    When I started with all this (maybe 2003/4ish) they were marked 10 - 15 years. They were completely plain though, nowhere near as fun as now.
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    Free pack of 10/12 Always Pull-ups (UK)

    Print a coupon for £6.50 off here: Currently reduced to £6.49/£6.50 at all the major supermarkets (except Waitrose where they're buy one get one half price). I'm a big fan of these, the new designs with the ribbon are adorable.
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    ASDA Teenager Day and Night Pants

    I don't sincerely believe they are aiming at 12 year olds, but at bigger children who still wet.
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    UK people I Saw Tena Slip being stocked in my local asda

    'Supercentre' sized stores do Large Tena Slip Super, they have done for years.
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    Buying nappies when parents are around?

    You're not going to like what I'm about to say - but it's the truth. You can't involve your parents in this - and in my experience that includes bringing nappies in to their house unless you *know* the nappies will arrive, be used and disposed of securely and without trace by the time your...
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    "New Lower Rise" Always Discreet Underwear

    Just been made aware of these: They look adorable! Has anyone seen them out in the wild? Tried them perhaps... Really hope they come over here.
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    Best Adult Diapers UK

    Are you sure? I've only ever seen Tena Slip Super, and then only size Large sadly. I don't think Tena Slip are worth having though, unless you can find some of the older ones or the very new Active Fit ones. I actually think in terms of store bought Boots' repackaged Attends are the best...
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    Something a little different- Nappy Vending Machine Find!

    Ikea toilets have or at least had them in the male toilets. I noticed they must have been ancient or foreign as they were branded "Kleenex Huggies" which I'm sure hasnt been used as a brand in the UK for decades.
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    All Cloth Tena Slip Maxi?

    However they are being incredibly selective about which markets they are released in. India and Sweden seem to be the only places thusfar to have them. Saveexpress are understood to have had to import their stock in as SCA Germany would absolutely not supply them. I have no idea what the...
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    Best Pull up?

    Always Discreet are the best at the moment, IMO
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    Question about Attends

    Attends US and Attends EU(/RoW?) are completely different companies. Attends US was sold by P&G to a paper company. I don't know what happened with the EU company but I don't believe it's still owned by P&G, but it definitely isn't under the same ownership as the US brand. Attends Slip Active...
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    ABU Nappies in the UK

    Ah excellent! Cats out of the bag on this one now!!