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    Dotty Pride

    I've worn two so far - and the second one leaked a bit after 4 1/2 hours of mostly sitting - it seemed to wick into my jeans. I still think they are very good though - and I just need to figure out when to change them better. They look and feel great - and I actually think the performance is...
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    Sleeping with a diaper on

    I found it hard to sleep too. I gave up in the end and just sleep in diapers very occasionally. Multiple nights in a row help - but the sleep deprivation is a problem for the first week. Also a few times a week with nights between to catch up on sleep could work and I’m going to try that...
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    Peed my pants without a choice

    That makes sense to me angelicprince. I definitely feel little - even though I'm not necessarily an AB. For me it is sometimes a sense of rebellion - and I mainly do it after a really bad day at work.
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    When did you know you were an ABDL?

    With hindsight I can see I was into it from early adolescence. I didn't do much about it until recently though.
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    Temporarily taking off a nappy

    Thanks. I’ll try the squeezing out of them trick next time I’m wearing and want to avoid messing the nappy. Tightening up the higher tapes I should be able to manage too without getting the white tape stuck on something.
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    Temporarily taking off a nappy

    Thanks I will see if I can do that next time.
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    Best diaper experience ever

    That’s good. Enjoy.
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    Temporarily taking off a nappy

    Has anyone had much success taking a nappy off using the white tapes and then putting it on again? I always seem to wreck the nappy or a tape gets stuck on itself or something else. At the moment I’m using plastic-backed M4s but I think it’s a general problem for me.
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    Best diaper experience ever

    I’m glad you enjoyed it and can wear another one soon.
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    Peed my pants without a choice

    Sorry just seen this. A very good point endersdragon. I should wear diapers more - especially as I like them. I apologise for my drunken post. I hadn’t planned to drink so much and even though I was drinking a 3% beer I had way too many. I have mild frequency issues and I suffer in...
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    Peed my pants without a choice

    True. I think that counts as self-inflicted problems
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    Peed my pants without a choice

    I had some drinks after work and I peed my pants fully- soaking socks and it was not a choice. I guess be careful what you wish for
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    Drylife double Terry toweling pants

    I use them inside a 4’ terry sheet folded and twisted for night use with some big plastic pants. The combo works well. Also they are quite good over the top of a disposable underneath plastic pants to protect against leaks. On their own they are not absorbent enough.
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    Doing martial arts in diaper?

    Could you use compression shorts over a good quality nappy?
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    How much does your bladder hold?

    I think mine is about 500ml. If you get nocturia like me, your urine production doesn’t reduce that much at night. Good for losing weight but bad for sleeping - even in a nappy.