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    Cloth diaper questions

    Easiest is a pail with a lid do as above the soak in pail then wash with a few after a day or so if can seal can be just left damp as it's the air that causes issues
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    "Wet" Xmas Holiday

    Having a Wet Xmas so far! Wearing a Huggies by Minki washable wrap round padded out with 6 extra terry cotton 24x24 squares covered with Gary Pant Tuffy(Thick pvc)opaque comfort elastics pants with a 14FR Bard Bio Indwelling Catheter open so have no control and feeling/enjoying the wetness...
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    Here in the uk shop4pvc are having a closing down sale so be quick. they even have the Sapphire blue 07mil gary pant high waist in 5xl
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    Hello to all.

    Hi new here im more a person that has a problem with bladder/bowels from spine problems(disc/joints damages) and they thought MS but think it's fibromyalgia and reynauds which gives me massive sudden urges to go but also little feelings needing to either but if trying to control like if out will...