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  • Hi made a few crystal sets over the years with ex mod headphones misspent youth? yeah gearboxes aren't so easy to make from scratch! so does help to find a willing doner.
    Landrovers are pretty versatile with transplants/open heart surgery nothing like a V8 grumbling away inside or V6 as the old essex or cologne went in them also was alot better when they went disc's though for braking as the drums wasn't the greatest.
    But there gone now from new only the Rarse rover now for the plebs.
    Im going to post some bits up soon if i can on here now as have pants and disposables etc
    I love to fit bigger engines into cars/landrovers. I also can do just about anything you can do (with in reason) I could make a car but it would be from parts, one would find it difficult to make a gearbox up from sheet metal for instance. I love to collect stuff. I have some very early crystal sets (early radios) and some valve sets from the 20`s to 30`s.

    *hugs* Furries are a bit more animal like in nature than normal humans. Some of us do make good pets. *kidding*
    Hey oscar, you are very similar to me in many ways. I do all my own repairs, welding on cars, I collect lots and lots of old stuff including old cars/motorbikes and you are of a similar age to me. I was 52 untill today.
    I know I am a fur and lots more etc.
    Hi im a friendly down to earth person that is happy to help others with whatever they need if can as my reward is your happiness.
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