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  • any members from london uk who looking for friend or anything other (i can't wear here i still live with family and share bedroom with bro and i got special need)
    I love to fit bigger engines into cars/landrovers. I also can do just about anything you can do (with in reason) I could make a car but it would be from parts, one would find it difficult to make a gearbox up from sheet metal for instance. I love to collect stuff. I have some very early crystal sets (early radios) and some valve sets from the 20`s to 30`s.

    *hugs* Furries are a bit more animal like in nature than normal humans. Some of us do make good pets. *kidding*
    Hey oscar, you are very similar to me in many ways. I do all my own repairs, welding on cars, I collect lots and lots of old stuff including old cars/motorbikes and you are of a similar age to me. I was 52 untill today.
    I know I am a fur and lots more etc.
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