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  • I still think they should have a sponsorship from AED!
    They will always be the Cardiac Kids!
    Had not talked in a while. Thought I would stop by and say Hi.

    I am going to order the tickets to the Spirit Mountain Civil war party tomorrow. That is sure shaping up to be the game of the year.

    Hope all is well.

    Whatup Orcaway!

    Was it too much to ask?
    I was expecting some token of grief for that quote!
    Is Martyr your middle name?
    #110th Visitor Message;
    And the message is:
    . . . have a great weekend, enjoy every minute Orcaway! :)
    I see that's the Mercedes SLS there if I'm not mistaken. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE tell me you have an xbox 360 and you got Forza 4.
    lmao @ gingers. I can only imagine...

    And the best thing to do is poke fun at them and play off their ignorance/stupidity for your own amusement. eventually they will stop being immature and annoying... or you will be gone in a year and it will still be a tolerable time. =)

    As for the challenging stuff, if you're REALLY dedicated, you could talk to some friends and make a combo. then get your teacher to hook you up with some fake books or something and maybe even help you find gigs. I'm sure THAT would be challenging, but idk how much of a challenge you want lol.
    That's understandable. I would say the best you can hope for is teaching the new crop to be awesome but I can imagine that wouldn't do u a whole lot of good, meaning it'd be hard to make yourself wanna do that. Least the songs aren't hard so it'll be a chill class.
    Yeah senior year is gonna feel like a giant waste of time to tell you the truth lol.

    I'm just kinda figurin out what to do with my life at the moment. I have a few gigs with my band coming up (my bass teacher/friend left for college so I joined a christian hardcore band of all things. go figure.) and hopefully a grappling tournament for my mma in 2 months but other than that I've been lazy. nothin but partyin/chillin since I graduated, which isn't good. I need a job.
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