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  • I finallly got a new job. I'll be working at some cleaning company tomorrow evening. Giving me less time to play around & be little, but on the plus side I can start building my money back up for when I get low on diapers again.
    A couple of months ago I lost my black pacifier. I've been looking all over my room for it. I just found it today in my big box of legos after putting my sets away. I don't know how it got in there.
    I turns out once FedEx starts a delivery, it can't be stopped until it reaches it's destination. So now I have to go to FedEx and return the tranquility myself. Also, they sent me free samples but they don't fit. (They're medium and I tried them already).
    They're going to reach out to FedEx so they could take my order back, I also asked for a refund for the wrong size Tranquility, and then re-ship the megamax I ordered.
    I ordered some diapers from Northshore through my phone, and I was having problems. First the site froze. Then I managed to buy a pack of megamax and Tranquility ATN. I selected large for tranquility, but my order somehow came up medium. Now I'm trying to see if they can fix it. I will never use my phone for online shopping again.
    I doubt they won’t be able to help you. Northshore is a super awesome company in my experience and they have really awesome reps. Maybe try the “chat” option and ask if there’s anything that can be done?
    I finally managed to send you a friend request it finally went through after sometime of fighting with the system I gave up and come back to it later to make it work and viola you now have a friend request again thanks for the help with the microwave thing. XD
    I have tried sending you a friend request numerous times but the site keeps having me log back in over and over and over every time I click on something and it is just frickin' ridiculous! I will keep trying though until I succeed at sending you one.
    Thanks for sticking up for me on the microwave even though in the end it did no good thanks for the help btw I am sending you a friend request.
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