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  • Reason? A rather irritating copyright dispute. It's a variant of another Fur's ref sheet. I thought that I had Tavi's permission to use it while he worked on a commission for me based on it, but other fur had issues with this. Not to worry - he'll be back in one form or another, soon enough. In the meantime, say hello to Foxkeh, the Japanese avatar for Mozilla FireFox.
    I knew some french but not fluent though.

    Hehe yes you are nerd, but that's awesome anyway! =)
    Thanks I really like it it also. It's cool to have both rainbow dash and the whole dark side of the moon image; it goes well with how I'm kind of a free spirit & I love fun and adventure.
    Not as much as you'd think. I think it might actually have been worse in the US. Didn't watch it myself. I'm more of a pragmatic monarchist than a raving fanboy.
    Hello :)

    I just wanted to send you a little message to assure you that I have not forgotten about your story! I have started reading it, but I am so busy at the moment I cannot find the timer to sit down and read the whole thing, and I would rather devour it in one sitting than keep nibbling at it when I get the chance so that I can become properly immersed in it. But I promise you that I have not decided not to read it or anything, and once I have I will of course let you know honestly what I think about it. Just give me a couple of weeks until I am done with school for the summer!

    Anyway, just wanted to assure you that I haven't forgotten, and that from what I have read so far (only prologue & I) I really like your writing style.

    Jess :)
    Public holidays. So-called because they were regularised in the Bank Holidays Act 1871.
    Thanks! Busy at the momemt - end of the financial year has made things pretty hectic at work recently, but it's calming down, and we've got a whole slew of bank holidays coming up. You?
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