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  • How freaked out am I right now?

    I just wet myself because sometimes, it's an emotional release. I'd only intended for it to be a little bit...but what was supposed to be just taking the edge off broke the dam, and I have a legit wet diaper.

    Super wet.

    No explaining this away wet.

    I may be coming clean wet.
    I'm gonna try to take a nap...

    But all I can think about is her...

    And when I do Les Friction's "Love Comes Home" plays in my head.
    Thanks for the follow back :3 I really liked your take in the Popular Music is evil thread, I appreciated how you admitted how you use to think about things in a similar fashion. anyway thanks 🐸
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    It's no prob! I mean, I understood it, so I knew where the wrong was coming from. If I can open one mind a day, I've done something right.
    For sure for sure! I think having an open mind is always good (as long as you aren't putting up with racist or something of the sort)
    <3 <3 🐸 🌷
    Oh yeah btw if you ever wanna start a convo id be down, Ive seen you hear and there you seem nice :3
    Hey I heard you been having trouble sleeping lately this is from an album I have used for a very long time to help me sometimes. Mabey it can help?

    Can't sleep because SUPER active bladder and spasms that almost turn into cramps. :/
    I'm on disability and make extra money by buying and selling antiques and collectables. It's been pretty slow. I could def use a boost in finding rare, and valuable things cheaply to resell.
    Just curious. What can the spirits that you summon do? Could they possibly make me beautiful, or perhaps rich?
    Just wanted to say hi, so, um, hi. I've been reading your blogs and commented on the one about bedbugs. No one should be forced to live that way because of a slum landlord. Read my response and let me know what you think. There is help available and steps that can be taken. Never give up.
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