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  • Wow, that sucks... both that your mother probably knows about your stash and that she is an alcoholic. At least she hasn't challenged you about it yet. Here's hoping nothing bad happens on that front. Also, thanks for the sympathy about my getting caught again. :) I have no idea where this is going to lead, but I'll try to keep coming back here as best I can.
    Well, I put a run-down of what happened to me in the original thread. It was something that I could have avoided, but I'm just glad it's over now. I'm sorry it's so late... I have no idea what time it is in Sweden right now!
    Intelligent? Damn, that was unexpected! Nice, but still very unexpected! :D
    2003-4? You ARE old school! Honestly, I didn't even know it went back that far... I did go by Han Solo X, and later without the X, but it wasn't for very long and I didn't post much. I joined some time (I think) in 2007, so I really was there for just enough time to be able to call myself a member from the Old Brotherhood.
    I feel like a jerk for not explaining the whole blackmail thing yet! It is pretty complex, and I do want to be thorough, though, so I'll post it tomorrow. Sorry to put it off again!
    Hey, thanks a lot! :D I wasn't sure if I was coming off sounding stupid or off on a tangent... glad I didn't sound that way. I do remember you from TBDL (if memory serves)! Regarding the whole blackmail thing, it's kind of a long story, but I'll post saying what happened when it isn't so late at night and I have more energy. Anyway, thanks for saying hello! Talk to me any time!
    Hullo Olliboll :D

    I thank you for your sympathy, and you too seem like a pretty rad person that Id love to have a beer with. Then again, theres not anybody in this awesome community that I wouldnt love to have a beer with, but Id love to hang with you, especially.

    I just want to clear up my gender with you real quick, lol. Im the girl in that picture. Not the guy, he's my boyfriend, Kyle. :D

    You seem like a pretty understanding person and I thank ya for being so sweet :)

    Ah, I kind of gave up on the professional psychology thing after I learned how one-sided and subjective the mental health system could be. I'm into nursing now, because medicine is more facts than opinions, but good luck on whatever you wish to do. :) Psychology's fun, and I still study it in my spare time, but don't let it get to your head. :p (*bu dum tishhhh*)
    Växjö, så en aning längre söderut. Som sagt, jätteroligt att vi iallafall är nåra stycken svenskar här!
    It was episode 21, by the way~ :p
    I'll be sure to check it out over the summer!

    Thanks for the assistance :D
    You need to tell me which episode is the infamous Tomoe the baby is~
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