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    How long do you wear your diaper?

    got 14 ours in better dry. started at 10 PM until 12 noon .mhelps to uses all of absorbency in on your back ou flex our knees. nice feeling as in runs down over the privates into the back.
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    My Only Comforter - Nappies

    meant to say feel better.
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    My Only Comforter - Nappies

    hope you feel veterans. nappies are nice even when you don't feel stressed
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    everyone's favorite go to

    North shore are well made and the variety is good. like the air supreme pulls because they are lower and don't cause my belt to get irritated.. But I Like Better dry for esrenedede wear. But they are only ones you an talk to to, and they are helpful, listen and efficient. ( I AM A SENIOR...
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    Diapers that can handle a flooding and not leak

    bambino mega flex, all rears Rearz products, Better Dry. Better dry work best for me a/c fit, and less expensive than the others.
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    What is the best kind of tab style diaper or pull up style because i am still new to this whole thing

    Try the drug store ones firsts, , knowing that they don';t hold much. Then pullons from on line brands. I like North Shore. I like to use creams on sensitive areas, so it is important to remove cream maybe with a wipe before posting on tapes.. I had trouble with this until I learned what to do
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    Does diaper use make you incontinent?

    Since I have to stay dry for each day in order to avoid rash, I won't lose control. A good times for this is after bathing.
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    I need help

    make sure you are seeing a reptuable therapist, one who does not have a religious connection to a fgroujp that sees people as " sinners"
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    How do you put on your diapers?

    standing works fo me. Lean with my vutt holding the diaper still while I tape the top.
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    What Is Origin Cause Of ABDL Fantasies/Appeal Of Nappies to ABDL's Do You Think?

    I came into liking diapers quite late in life, well into senior years. The attachment has superseded the underwear fetishes. I think it is a kind of open defiance to my mother. It is as if I am asserting that I want control of my body back,
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    Crinkle, thick, and plain.

    just got Bambino ultra stretch. Fits me fine, crinkles, white, fits high and hold up ( not too much sag)
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    What is the best way to support a full diaper?

    the ones I like best are Tykabvle rompers. RThje customary onesies fit close in the crotch and add toes isriotration. Tyukables have short legs and do mot bind
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    Places you go when diapered?

    movies concerts church. community work. Any pace where I canasta seated and not leave early.
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    What do you usually wear over your diapers?

    Love to wear long johns, or boxer briefs. Right now going tsnhru of wearing Rompers over taped maxvdiapers of different brands
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    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    better dry with doubler for let 14 hours wondering I can get one last pee.