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    talking about rompers.
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    They have short legs. Most of them fit closely to the crotch c, and irritate try skin. The Tykables hold a full diaper very well but don't irritate. And for a abdl, they look cute in a picture.
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    Psychological VS physical diaper needs

    right now stress about loss of a relationship is very high. Mega max, filled o the brim is very comfortable. Consciously I accept tapers as comfort and OK. But the title boys who was potty trained, still lurks in the back of consciousness. So it is a secret from most friends, who if they...
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    Favorite/unique ways to wet

    I am a 20/7 ( north quite 24 ) but particularly like wearing thick protection at movie or concert, and letting go, amid the other squirming folks who have to race for at the conveniences.
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    Throwing out half used disposables

    with Better Dry ore NS supreme, make sure to point down, use a medium and small doubler, bring feet up to derriere, and pump a bit at a time. the Back will fill up nicely, if hyoou go slow.
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    Best Booster Pads

    I like Better dri with two doubler, a north shore medium, layered under a small. makes for a nice thick experience. If In a north shore pull-up, just wear two smalls layered open on top of each other. Lopve the thick feeling, and the long lasting effect in getting a soaked diaper. Be...
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    Not an ab but...

    I have to come to love onesies ands walk around the house with them. short legged rompers are the most fun, but they all look good, and best with double doublers in a Betterdri, worn until a bit of leakage. Sometimes a paci is fun but embarrassed to use in front of roommate. He doesn't;t care...
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    loving onsies

    I love walking around in onesies, especially wearing a Better dry, with a thick doubler or two.. The tykable rompers are the most fun. The tops are like t shirts which means I can wear them at home, and put on a pair of pants. Maybe a shirt . They work well for my body, and hold a really wet...
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    How old are you?

    who knows what kind of new material you will get to enjoy. Compostabxle diapers maybe ?
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    How old are you?

    91, still continent, and dl by choice. only started eat 85.
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    How old are you?

    turned 91 last week.
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    How far off are widespread disposable diaper bans?

    As a continent diaper user. Who gets emotional support from their use, I have had very conflicting feelings about how "protective underwear" affects the environment, and my use. As a senior I don't know I could manage with washables. When i go 24/7, from to time, a weeks "protective underwear"...
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    Why do we like diapers so much?

    After years of a sexual underwear fetish ( men) I morphed into diapers. Had some unusual stress lately and am going almost 24/7. Use tapes as well as pull-ups. it helps me calm down, feel mellow, while enjoying the tightness, and in letting the pee flow, while on my back or standing. Just had a...
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    Test Driving a Northshore Supreme Incontinence Diaper

    couldn't;t do without them. They have, especially with a doubler ( small) the best absorption compared to Tena els
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    What Pull-Ups to buy?

    With NS air supreme I also use small size doubler. A medium doubler overlaps the leg guards.