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  • Just chillin! I'm during probably my last ever summer holiday, so doing AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE. I wanna try and be more active on the site too. Sometimes, I feel kinda alone about being a DL, and people here are cool, so yeah :). How about you, I'm sure you've been doing very exciting stuff =P!
    Just thought I'd say hi, since I only just got your visitor message ^^'. I haven't checked the site is quite a while.
    Hey! I had a few quite intense months myself too, it's great to hear from you again!

    Actually, I started replying to your PM as soon as I got it - I was at my family's seaside place - then came back home, fried the laptop's power supply, and had to wait a couple of days to retrieve what I had written... and tomorrow I'm leaving for 5 days in Berlin with a good friend! I promise I'll be back to you as soon as possible because, as you say, it's been far too long indeed ^^

    Sending you a big warm wolfiehug in the meantime! :hug:
    Hey :) To answer my own question from 2 months ago, I'd say that whatever your job is, it sure keeps you helluva busy! :p

    How have you been?
    Yep, you got me, I still need to bring my fursona to life, at least in drawing form :p Ideally that'd be a mix of an arctic and a grey wolf (so with fur partially white and partially grey) with a few blue accents here and there :) I'd be totally flattered to be in some artwork with you! :eek:

    So you're at your own place now, back into civilization and the digital era :p I was wondering, what's your job?

    I just survived a crazy weekend, with simultaneous events in different places I had to take care of... from now on it'll be mostly postproduction during the week, and a couple more shows and weddings in the weekends. Oh, and the male fashion week, which I'm not looking forward to considering the temperatures have risen to the 30's in the last days!... -.-
    What do angry dingos do? Nibble? I might be able to handle that :p Oh, and leave puddles, of course! Those might be a bit trickier to deal with xD Better keep yourself safely padded, after all ^^

    How long are you gonna be on vacation? For me this is a kind of a "seeing-the-light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel" period, packed mostly with weddings and dance shows (but there's the male fashion week and some more corporate events) until the end of June, but once I deliver those I'm pretty much free until September, and that's the really fun part :D I hope then you're gonna be busy enough to make up for my well deserved laziness! :biggrin:
    I didn't know you were such a tech-addict :p Some time away from an internet connection, computers and the likes is not that bad every once in a while :)

    Here I'm at the start of a pretty busy month work-wise, hoping the heat waits a bit before becoming too unbearable... Meanwhile, did you take the dust off of your snowboard already? ^^
    Just leaving a friendly hug here, hoping you're enjoying your time in the countryside! :cool:
    Well, maybe you're one of those lucky people who can do fine with just a few hours of sleep per night! :)

    If left to my own devices, I can easily sleep for more than 12 hours!! (but better be adequately padded then xD) Yes, I'm a lazy crinkly ass of a wolf, so what? :p

    I'd better go now before I end up like a certain sleepless dingo lady :tongueout:
    Ouch! So, did you end up not sleeping at all? I can imagine you'd be feeling pretty groggy all day long if that was the case!

    I'm 9 hours behind so it's not (yet) a terribly late hour to still be up over here, but I've gotta admit I was curious to see what time you'd have gone... (I'd have said to sleep, but not so sure anymore!) :p
    Yup, we did :eek: And yup, I'm in no position to speak! I'm not new to staying up until even later than this! But it's not so bad if one doesn't have to be up early for doing stuff in the morning :)

    If only, instead of letting myself be allured by diaper-related sites, I stayed up for working, my customers would be astonished at the speed they'd get their videos delivered! Hmmm... I could always improve my multitasking skills! ;)
    :tongueout: You should totally hire a secretary to take care of cleaning your inbox... :tongueout:
    You've gotta be the most popular dingo girl out there, your inbox is so full I can't even send you a PM! :biggrin:
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